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Park Hotel Den Haag

Park Hotel Den Haag


Country: Nederland

City: Hague

Address: Molenstraat 53, 2513 BJ Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone number: +31703624371


Really lovely hotel. Rooms are a great size, included breakfast had a good variety of foods and well located in terms of restaurants and variety of food. I literally had a different cuisine each day and if I were there for longer would've have eaten even more different foods. The staff is absolutely excellent - was given a map and list of recommended places and in terms of housekeeping they were very quick to get my room cleaned. The front desk is also happy to bring up your food if you get delivery. All in all I really enjoyed my stay here and will rebook when I come back to the Hague.
Review by Michelle Bonsu

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Had a really good stay. This hotel was fresh and clean in an excellent central location. I loved the Dutch stairway with yellow light through the coloured glass panes. Small problems were very gracefully handled by the staff who were warm and welcoming.
Review by N Harzic

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Nice hotel in an enjoyable neighborhood. Reception and public use facilities are very cosy, great design, make you feel comfortable there. There is water for you at the reception desk, a pool table you can use. The check in process is fast and smooth. The room overall is nice, but one person's beds are too small for a person 192 cm high, to narrow.  The hotel has a nice garden, where you can relax in the evening. Has closing parking for bikes as well as bike rental (16€ per bike). Breakfast is served at 0 floor, nice place, various tasty dishes available.
Review by Andrejs L

Source: www.booking.com

Hotel very conveniently located in a lively street of Den Haag, full of nice places to eat and little shops. The room has a very stylish decoration and is quite big, with a comfortable bed. Coffee machine with a few coffee pads provided. We were lucky to have a view on the park behind and on the beautiful autumnal trees. The hotel stairs are amazing and all the decoration on the ground floor. Special mention to the staff: very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place and come back. I liked everything, except for the bathroom, particularly the shower. The bathroom is tiny compared to the size of the bedroom (it feels unbalanced), and the shower doesn’t have any curtain or door to prevent water from spreading, so you easily flood the whole bathroom even while being carefully when showering. It is a pity.
Review by Sophie D

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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