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Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

/ Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
Sofitel Munich Bayerpost


Country: Germany

City: Munich

Address: Bayerstraße 12, 80335 München, Germany

Phone number: +4989599480


Fantastic hotel! You will never see such a friendly atmosphere..everyone does his best. Very comfortable bad and amazing linen. Rich and tasty breakfast. Nice spa. But the best is - what they offer for dogs. We were so much surprised. Thanks a lot! I strongly advise to stay here.
Review by Nataliia N

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Very good service from the friendly staff. Room was very lavish and spacious; turn-down service was the best for a long time. Despite the proximity to the train station, it was quiet and peaceful in the room. An excellent choice to stay here if you're willing to spend, but you get your money's worth.
Review by James Lim

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Wonderful place to stay in Munich. The staff was friendly and helpful, and it is just steps away from the train station and an easy walk to the center of the city. The lobby restaurant's food was thoughtfully prepared and tasty, but do be warned to request that they cook the bacon on the bacon burger. It was just plain, smoked, uncooked bacon! Yuck, but the burger was great once the limp meat was removed. Other small, medium, and large plates we tried were excellent.
Review by Barb Berglund

Source: www.booking.com

Everything was perfect, except for one sir at the restaurant, during three different days never offer me orange juice or coffee, but if someone else arrived at the table next to me, then immediately ask them what they like to drink. Fortunately all the other staff was very nice.
Review by Anonymous person

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