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Ruissalo Spa & Hotel

Ruissalo Spa & Hotel


Country: Finland

City: Turku

Address: Ruissalon puistotie 640, 20100 Turku, Finland

Phone number: +35824455100


We've spent several days at the Ruissalo Spa Hotel and found it was very average. Our room was clean with beds, and a TV. The kettle and glasses we had to ask for. Towels and bathrobes were functional but obviously had seen better days. The view from our room was really beautiful as it was overlooking the sea and the forest. We enjoyed the pools even though the water was rather cold and there seemed to be a lot of chlorine in the water. To be honest, after some 30 mins, you just want a breadth of fresh air with so much chlorine. On the upside, the jacuzzi water was warm. The breakfast is frankly terrible and all the ingredients on offer feel cheap. The selection of bread was poor, the jams were just super sweet, the pancakes were sort of ok, cereals was bad and porridge was not tasty any of the days. On the third day, we just had coffee, rice milk and a pancake. We wouldn't go back to this hotel nor recommend it to anyone. The price is far too high for what it has to offer and we can think of plenty of other hotels in Finland that offer better quality and the same or lower price point: better beds and pillows, better breakfast, better services and amenities and a better experience. After our check out, we wondered where our money had gone to.
Review by Karrol Tertre

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The location is absolute beautiful and the services at the hotel were superb. The breakfast serving was working well even during COVID-19 special arrangements. However, there were some major inconveniences. For example, for a reason unknown, we couldn't get warm water for a bathtub in the evening. For a professional hotel, this was quite surprise.
Review by Sami Hyrynsalmi

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The place has potential located at the most beautiful site but the owners haven't updated the facilities and many things would reguire service and change. Spa is spacious, peaceful and suitable for adults. Children are not allowed there without their parents.
Review by Meri Vainio

Source: www.booking.com

First impression of the place was below average. The look of signs and buildings could be better. Inside of the hotel was better and had a nicer look. Food from restaurant I rank 7/10. The room was well cleaned with a nice view from the window. SPA was ok not the best and not the worst.
Review by Johannes Fornander

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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