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Baur au Lac


Country: Switzerland

City: Zurich

Address: Glärnischstrasse 18, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone number: +41442205020


World-class hotel in the best location with superbly furnished rooms. Mine even had a sea view. The Prestige Afternoon Tea is highly recommended. Harmonious and a wonderful experience in a top ambience. The price is high and corresponds to the performance received.
Review by Neil Coppersmith

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My Favourite hotel in Zurich,  right in the heart of the city. Concierge were fantastic. Pavilion was good for Breakfast. The Brassiere was fantastic for Dinner, loved the Lobster bisque. Rooms were spacious and well appointed.  Great hotel.
Review by James Faulkner

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The gold standard of Swiss hotel excellence. This hotel has everything you need for an outstanding stay in Zurich, with a special focus on the rooms, which are incredibly quiet, extensive and detailed to perfection.
Review by Jorge Camara

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Baur au Lac is a very elegant, classy, and snobby hotel that will provide you with excellent service and experience. If you are looking for a quiet place to say with exquisite restaurants and well-designed rooms, this is the place for you!
Review by Laura F

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