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Central Plaza Zurich

Central Plaza Zurich


Country: Switzerland

City: Zurich

Address: Central 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone number: +41442565656


This hotel is right in center of the city. Everything was a quick walk and right next to public transportation. The room was nice (a tad warm but if you ask for a fan, we got one right away and the room was fine after that!) and the staff were very friendly. If you have a chance to grab a drink in their cocktail lounge, I highly recommend. There was a waiter who was incredibly nice and showed us such great hospitality. I wish I got him name! The only draw back (very minor) was that someone had to come with you to the parking garage even if you needed to get something. Also the parking garage was so small! I believe it is a shared parking garage so I didn’t want to knock off a star for just that.
Review by Anonymous person

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I never give bad reviews, but this is exceptional. Terrible check-in experience. Arrived at the hotel before 3pm, and at check-in, the concierge staff phoned someone, then told us that the housekeeper was going to check if the room was ready and he would get back to us as soon as possible. We waited at the reception till at least 3.30pm and still, no one got back to us. Went to reception again. The same staff was not there. After asking, found out that usual check-in time is 4pm. Ok. Then, turns out the room allocated to us was under maintenance and would not be ready anytime soon. The guy who initially did the check in still was no where to be found. What is this 4 star service. Thankfully another staff saved the day and helped us check-in. The new room was ok, clean and comfortable. Breakfast staff not the most attentive either, but still ok.
Review by Esther Chua

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Ideally located in Zurich downtown.   We spend a couple of hours at the bar fro a meeting with our clients who, and were disappointed by the poor quality of the ammenities which are poorly maintained, especially bathrooms which were....  no word to describe.
Review by Olivier Linossier

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