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Hotel Arena Expo

Hotel Arena Expo


Country: Poland

City: Gdansk

Address: Marynarki Polskiej 71, 80-557 Gdańsk, Poland

Phone number: +48587620605


Very good hotel with a delicious breakfast and amazing working staff. The hospitality of this hotel is super supportive. Home is where the heart is. Thank you so much. Since our first visit, you have become a warm place in our hearts. The best team is there. All the best for you.
Review by Iri Iryna

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The rooms are terribly claustrophobic, with a strange smell, the bathroom is well-kept, although some appliances can break, which results in being moved to another room. The location itself, in principle, none. Supposedly, the tram goes to the center in 10 minutes, but getting to the sea without a car is quite problematic (either uber or scooters). If you have a dog, the scooter is out of the question. In such a small hotel the number of rooms is quite large, and the breakfast room is definitely not able to accommodate all (most) guests at once, so you have to stand in line. The hot water is basically cold when the other guests are used a lot, so you either have to get up at 6 am to have hot water and a place to sit for breakfast or wait until around 11 o'clock, a place for breakfast may be found, but with hot water it is worse. This is the first time I have encountered such strange solutions. I will not use your services again. P.S. the presence of foxes nearby should not come as a surprise to you.
Review by Pawel G

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Hotel okay, a bit poor location in terms of meals and surroundings - in the morning it wakes up the noise of the work of local companies. However, for fans of mass events, the location is a plus because next to the stadium.
Review by Adam Podolak

Source: www.booking.com

A perfect location that makes it easy to travel around the Tri-City, both by car and by public transport. Excellent, helpful staff, free parking, nice breakfasts.
Review by Radoslaw Bartoszewski

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