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Scandic Hamburger Börs

Scandic Hamburger Börs


Country: Finland

City: Turku

Address: Kauppiaskatu 6, 20100 Turku, Finland

Phone number: +358300308420


Brand new hotel with spacious and stylish rooms right in the middle of the city. Hotel breakfast was excellent. The only thing missing is a pool in the hotel or a bathtub in the room. We enjoyed our stay and would love to come back again.
Review by Carmelle Valles

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Bed loose with back pain in the morning. In the evening, despite the request, the music was not quieter. The same hard volume continued with breakfast. No chicken is available on the dinner list and no garlic could be found without any serving that the waiter asked the head chef in person. There was nothing to drink in the sauna, not even a jug of water. There is a bit of a contradictory and incorrect way to inquire by email after a day about how to log in and check out via the Scandic portal, which I didn't even use, this robot also handled the connection in English. However, based on poor experience, nothing has been heard as feedback from the hotel.
Review by Petri Moberg

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Slightly contradictory feelings. The lobby bar offers great service and a great setting. On the old side, the crowd ate and somehow the hall looked pretty barren. Apparently there weren’t original decorative paintings on the walls there, so there weren’t any. However, I would see decorative paintings in Ars Nouveau style in a suitable space. The food was extremely poor. The appetizer was some gray night-salted fish that both smelled and tasted old. The whitefish fried as a main course was dry, as were the sliced ​​potatoes. As a dessert, blackcurrant sorbet tasted artificial. Maybe the fault is in me because the expectation values ​​were very high. On the stock exchange when there has traditionally always been super good food. Yes, I’m going to eat on the Exchange again at some point, because I’m sure it was just bad luck, etc. I never think the level of the kitchen would have collapsed completely with the change of ownership.
Review by Christel Kujala

Source: www.booking.com

We've been open for a couple of months now, so things should be in my glove ... coffee / vending machines at breakfast don't work ?? One person at work, lack of planning, Breakfast is basic, but not as good as the rest of the hotel. The restaurant menu was the biggest disappointment to myself. If you don’t like the fish / seafood line, the options are few. A burger is available elsewhere at an affordable price. Rooms are comfortable and clean. Pleasant service at the reception. One visit was enough for me and I will return to Scandic Julia in Turku.
Review by Anne Kantola

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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