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Hotel Belarus Grodno

Hotel Belarus Grodno


Country: Belarus

City: Grodno

Address: vulica Maksima Horkaha 18, Grodno, Belarus

Phone number: +375152740780


The hotel is very old but was nice. Receptionist was very friendly and speaks fluent English. Room was big but very old style which was nice experience for me to go back in time. Price is relatively ok for such central location. Old city is a short walk and basically everythin in Grodno could be done walking.
Review by Abdelrahman Mehilba

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Disgusting place. Batteries do not drown in the rooms terribly cold. Rusty water poured from the hot tap. In general, the state of the room is so-so: there was no repair for many, many years. I think for the same money you can find a much more acceptable living conditions.
Review by Anastasiya Piatsevich

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Regularly - once a year I am sent on a business trip to Grodno. I am delighted with this city, its landscape and architecture. But all impressions are lost after checking into the hotel "Belarus". For 10 years now I have seen the dullness and despondency of the gray walls and constant maintenance of the hotel, where I move in at the behest of the employer. Rotten wooden windows with cracked glass. Broken chipboard built-in wardrobes. In spring the temperature in the room can reach 12-15 degrees (from the north side). WI-FI is paid. But buying a card does not guarantee the possibility of using the Internet - not everywhere pulls. By the way, some floors are in good repair. On the positive side, the prices here correspond to the service provided: bad room, low price. Good price is higher.
Review by Andrew

Source: www.booking.com

The quality of the rooms corresponds to the price, for 38 rubles per day a room in which only to sleep. Linen fresh beds are clean, but the repair of Soviet times. More expensive rooms are better. Shower is in all rooms, in the expensive there is a bathroom, so it is not a luxury hotel, but it suits me perfectly. If from the organization and just for the sake of sleep is quite a good option.
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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