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Rotterdam Marriott Hotel

Rotterdam Marriott Hotel


Country: Nederland

City: Rotterdam

Address: Weena 686, 3012 CN Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone number: +31104302000


This is a really comfortable hotel. The bedroom was quite extensive, and the furniture was very comfortable. The sofa in front of the window is an excellent idea to have a nice moment looking at the skyline. The bed was large and really good to rest. The bathroom had a bath and a shower - perfect when you are two :) And the breakfast... Maybe one of the best I had. I love breakfast in hotels. Here a chef can cook meals for you plus the buffet. You have a lot of things, but it is good. It is a 5-star place.
Review by Jacques Perconte

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Excellent all around as befits a true 5-star global brand. A close friend was staying here for a couple of nights and I joined him for long leisurely drinks at the bar in the lobby. The staff were truly professional, friendly and charming. I've dined here a couple of times before but unfortunately no photographic evidence to show you. Suffice to say they were excellent. Highly recommended.
Review by Win Sutanto

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I booked a room including breakfast with city view on a high floor (paid extra for it) and with access to the lounge. Arrived and they tried to make me pay extra for breakfast, saying it wasn't included. I asked about the lounge, but they said it was closed due to a staff shortage. Got a voucher for ONE free drink in the bar, even though the website said that the lounge was 24 hour a day snacks and drinks. If I hadn't enquired about it, I would have gotten nothing at all. Arrived in the room, which had a view of a wall of the building next to it. No city view, for which I paid extra. Complained, they said that there were no rooms of that type on higher floors available anymore. Why had I been able to book one then? So they downgraded my room and told me I would pay 60 euro less and got a room on the 12th floor with a view. By the way, the 'spa bath' (as it's called on the website) is just a bath, nothing spa about it. At the check out they tried to make me pay for breakfast again. Really terrible for a 5 star hotel. Staff was nice, can't say anything about that, but it felt like I was constantly paying for stuff I didn't get or they tried to trick me into paying for something I shouldn't pay for. Breakfast was very nice, staff was friendly, location is excellent, so that's why I gave 2 stars instead of just one.
Review by Marloes van de Laarschot

Source: www.booking.com

Truly a 5 star service experience right near the Centraal Station in Rotterdam.  Rooms were very good, location is right next to the main train station which is great for getting in and out of Rotterdam but a bit of a walk to most of the major landmarks in the city.  All of the service in the hotel was absolutely world class top tier from the front desk to the restaurant/lounge and the breakfast restaurant.  Would highly recommend for business or leisure travelers who don't mind a bit of a walk for the tourist sites.
Review by Daniel Schwartz

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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