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Soukeníkův dům

Soukeníkův dům


Country: Czech Republic

City: Kutna Hora

Address: Bartolomějská 134, Vnitřní Město, 284 01 Kutná Hora, Czechia

Phone number: +420601368868


Excellent location of the pension, tastefully furnished rooms. Excellent breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. I was forced to take down the star for Monday's breakfast. After arriving for breakfast at 8.40 there was no pastry, the lady or girl was just going to buy it. We got one minimist with a spread on the table for three people, the eggs were just being cooked hard, we had to talk about ham. There was only cheese, processed cheese, mozzarella, the rest of the yogurt, all in limited quantities. Further additions to yogurt which was a limited amount for only one. Although it was Easter Monday, he was not a lamb or a sweetheart. Fruit last orange and a little grape. We only had three minimofins on the table. On the contrary, there was plenty of butter. And the capsules used from the coffee machine have not yet been selected. Breakfast cost us 250 crowns each, so I think it should be at the same level all three days.
Review by Eliška Eliášek

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We definitely recommend, an amazing place with an amazing atmosphere and the people who make up this place with their heart. What a peace, it's a fairy tale. Wellness is planned. We clearly enjoyed the romance in the attic with a bathtub in the room. Breakfast by candlelight and turntable. Well where you will experience it.
Review by Magda Němcová

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Pleasant environment close to the center of a beautiful historic city. Stylishly furnished, beautiful, clean rooms and very helpful and helpful staff. I warmly recommend.
Review by Kateřina Vobořilová

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It was very pleasant here. Quiet place in the center of Kutna Hora and a guest house that is stylishly equipped and yet we found everything we needed. Great romance! We will be happy to return.
Review by Kristýna Benetka

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