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Hotel Sanders

Hotel Sanders


Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Tordenskjoldsgade 15 By Nyhavn and Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen 1055 Denmark

Phone number: +4546400040


love this stairwell @hotelsanders
love this stairwell @hotelsanders
Such a wonderful place
Such a wonderful place
Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen is a home away from home, whe...
Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen is a home away from home, whe...
perfect copenhagen hotel? the elegantly cozy @hotelsanders
perfect copenhagen hotel? the elegantly cozy @hotelsanders
A future celebrate with my one and only @annabroeng and a...
A future celebrate with my one and only @annabroeng and a...
Most beautiful toilet decor in Copenhagen
Most beautiful toilet decor in Copenhagen
Lovely place to stay
Lovely place to stay
Loving our bathroom @hotelsanders
Loving our bathroom @hotelsanders


Perfect Stay
I cannot say enough good things about Hotel Sanders! We stayed 4 nights for our Babymoon and it was perfect. The staff was extremely nice and accommodating with any request. The room (Sanders Bedroom) was so cozy. Breakfast each morning in the rooftop terrace was delicious and filling. The lobby and hotel bar was very inviting with a fireplace. Sometimes it was hard to leave the hotel. We ended up cancelling our dinner reservation the last night just so we could stay at the hotel and soak it up. The hotel defines Hygge! We can’t wait to come back to Copenhagen and we will definitely be staying at Hotel Sanders.
Review by Christa B

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

perfect place to stay in Copenhagen
We stayed as a family with two kids (5 years, 2 years) for a long weekend in this beautiful hotel and enjoyed it very much. The hotel is quite in the centre (walking distance to Nyhavn & Ostergade) but the street is very quite. The room was very nicely furnished and decorated with a mixture of old classic and modern. The bathroom is a must see! The room but as well the whole hotel has a very cosy touch, lots of warm colors, dimmed lights and organic materials. We had a nice little breakfast buffet in the restaurant with an additional choice to order from the card. There is a covered outdoor garden area, a trendy bar and a rooftop bar, where you can enjoy as well your breakfast or afternoon tea. Furthermore we enjoyed a perfect and kind service. A big thank you to the Sanders team!
Review by Schmidi70

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Bar review - bar is awesome - decor is beautiful - takes you back in time
Been here before and this time we came with some friends before going out for dinner. The hotel is really nice and the decor feels like ine the 20-ies/30-ies. Came saturday evening around 19h:30 and the bar was full of people so sadly we went to the roof top first. But they don't serve coctails there so we went downstairs and a table was free. Sat down . got great and quick service and after ordering our great coctails we goit a pre-coctail as well.

This is a really nice spot for some drinks - alone or with friends daytime or evening. Will for sure be back here too often :)
Review by Simen S

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Review of restaurant and bar - a bit mixed impression.
We came as a couple for the Sunday evening dinner which is offered as buffet type deal. The food was excellent, and although we came late (its announced that you should try to show up a bit before 6 pm), and the dinner was overbooked, the staff was kind enough to find a spot for us. I found the servants quite attentive.

Prior to our dinner we had a few drinks in TATA bar. The bar has received great reviews and the quality of the drinks and interior are probably on par with the best 3-4 bars in Copenhagen. However; here is the problem: the two bartenders were completely disconnected to us as guest, no communication, no smiles - and this in rather empty bar on Sunday night, where we were the only two guests at the actual bar desk. Although they seemed competent and made great cocktails they really were not fit for this kind of job, or at least they should be teamed up with someone who are able to socialize. The experience was in stark contrast with other high-end bars in Copenhagen including Ruby.
Review by Under_many_stars

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Inconsistent service
I had wanted to like the Hotel Sanders as I like to support boutique hotels. We saw a few celebrities in the hotel who are local so it appears to be a hipper place to stay.

However, despite the gloss and style, we thought that the it could have been a bit better particularly given the price. There seemed to be a lot of staff who seemed to be looking cool but not doing much!

The stay didn’t start well when our four day booking couldn’t be found in the system. Apparently the interface between booking.com and the hotel didn’t work. So they did give honour the booking and gave us a upgraded room which was lovely for till they sorted it out to room, although in the room we were given the toilet didn’t flush properly as the cistern didn’t fill quickly.

The rooms included a “free” minibar is water, crisps, chocolate and a food bar.

On Day 2, we were moved to our booked room which was generally fine altjough small although the shower wasn’t very hot.

The room charge included breakfast. When it busy before 1000, they forgot our orders (coffee, hot meals). The kitchen was located at the back of the hotel to where the cafe was so it appeared there was a disconnect in the service. People however were seated all around the lobby etc. Nevertheless the food was nice.

Overall a nice venue particularly given the central location but probably better for a shorter staycation.
Review by Vegemitelover

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Wonderful Stay
Stayed here during our Babymoon in September. We reserved one of the Sanders Bedrooms and was assigned one facing the street which gave us great day lighting as the room is on the darker side. The room was simple but had very nicely appointed details. And we were greeted with a Teddy Bear and a handwritten note from the owner welcoming to our hotel. Those gestures are always appreciated and go to show how ever detail is thought of. The staff was friendly and took all of our requests at every hour. Breakfast was delicious and generous. Location excellent. Do recommend you reserve a larger room if your staying multiple nights.
Review by 1WrldTrvlr

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Such a stylish little bubble
This is only a review of the café not the hotel! I had lunch and coffee in this very beautiful, stylish but relaxed hotel/café in the heart of Copenhagen with a friend, and will be back. My steak sandwich was light and delicious, made with pickled cucumbers, grilled gruyère cheese and toasted sourdough bread. Service was very friendly. If the cappucinos had been good Id have given this place 5 stars. Im a coffee-lover and know the best coffee-spots in Cph. Id recommend Sanders to go and learn from Original Coffee or Coffee Collective cause they deserve to have a super coffee when everything else is so super! Thanks!
Review by Superposition

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great location with friendly staff
Loved the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is ok with rather limited selection of main (especially vegetarian) courses. Our friendly waiter went extra mile trying to navigate a rather useless hotel map and the one we grabbed at the airport. Perhaps it would be helpful to have a map at hand which also aids the front desk staff navigate the city; each time we asked for a location and sights, they had to look it up on google maps and print it. Bikes at the hotel were available which was a nice offer. Comfortable if smallish room for the value (we booked Sanders Bedroom), music and noise from the bar downstairs gets loud, we had issue with warm water which was properly handled by the management.
Review by agnemarti

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

We live locally and visit the hotel to eat and drink at least once a week. We regularly use TaTa bar, the rooftop conservatory and Sanders Kitchen because we love the hotel, the food and drink, the atmosphere and, until today, the service.

We met a friend for Sunday breakfast at the Sanders kitchen and looked forward to a cosy time as usual. The English-speaking male waiter seemed pleasant at first but I should have known problems were coming when he said if we want breakfast we need to hurry and order as the kitchen was closing. If a guest has arrived 20 minutes before the official end of breakfast I don’t expect to be told to hurry up. No big deal, we thought nothing of it, and quickly ordered some food.

The big problem revolved around something as simple as a coffee order. I ordered a second café latte when the food arrived. Nothing arrived for about 15 minutes and then the male waiter returned with a cappuccino. I told him I had actually ordered a café latte but no big deal I will take it anyway as I had been waiting. He then told me he could take it back but all he would do to make it into a latte was to pour it into a bigger cup and bring it back. A ridiculous comment (cappuccino and latte are totally different coffees as 99.9% of the world’s population know) which I ignored anyway and I took the coffee. He apologized and we thought nothing more of it.

My partner and friend then ordered two americano coffees. A longer than normal wait ensued and then he brought just one americano. We were amused that such simple coffee orders were being messed up and called him back and reminded him we ordered two americanos and not one. When he came back with the second coffee our friend very politely explained that we were disappointed they kept getting the coffee orders wrong. Constructive polite feedback for him to relay, that’s all. The male waiter became instantly angry with us. He said his colleagues were responsible, that they had someone new working there (how experienced do you need to be to make a black coffee??) and it was not his fault. We explained it was not a personal complaint against him but he became progressively more angry and aggressive. He then accused us of attacking him. Quite ridiculous. I attempted to calm him down and explain it was simple feedback on genuinely poor service but he kept shouting over the top of me and then snatched my coffee away from in front of me and stormed off even though I asked him to bring it back. Bizarre.

When he returned he was still angry and argumentative for no apparent reason. He refused to listen to us and looked enraged that we had dared to complain about the silly coffee order mistakes. As he was impossible to talk to and close to losing control I told him to get the manager. He initially refused until I said I would get them myself if he didn’t. At this point a polite, professional female colleague of his intervened and was marvellous. She listened, comped the coffees and fixed a simple problem the way it should be fixed. The food as usual was excellent.

But the damage is done. We were left shocked at how a hotel like Sanders can have a waiter who berates guests aggressively because they dare to raise a minor complaint. He is unfit for not just this hotel but any hospitality position. It was bizarre, slightly amusing but at times threatening. Not what you expect over breakfast. I doubt we or our friends will return as long as he is employed there.
Review by ozplod66

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Simply a gem
This is one of the nicest boutique hotels I have ever stayed in, located on a quiet street in the town centre and steps away from the harbor.

Breakfast is first rate, dinner which I tried at the hotel only once ,was in my brief three night experience the best in Copenhagen and you can dine on a terrace fronting the hotel or in a quiet courtyard behind the lobby. Due to the searing heat in July the roof terrace was empty.

I cannot say enough about the staff. They are as professional and helpful as the best I have come across at any hotel.

For those, like me, who like to cycle the hotel offers a choice of free bicycles and cycling is probably the best way to see the city.
Review by Rod L

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Cozy and welcoming hotel, great location, friendly and helpful staff, nice rooms with a really comfortable bed, fantastic breakfast, and good bikes which guests can borrow to stroll around the city.
We will definitely be coming back to Sanders.
Review by Laura P

Source: tripadvisor

I had the pleasure of visiting CPH , and upon a colleagues recommendation stayed with Hotel Sanders. Cannot recommend the place more , from the ambience , the service and the main highlight was the warm and friendly staff.
I would also like to point out mainly, one of the staff in the reception , not sure of his name but gentleman was from India and he was new to the hotel. Amazing hospitality and very well trained staff. 5 stars to the team at sanders for making my stay wonderdul.
Review by NK

Source: tripadvisor

Я останавливался в этом отеле, который очень хорошо расположен, недалеко от основных достопримечательностей в стильной части города. Вестибюль и даже общие туалеты очень элегантны, теплы и гостеприимны. Ванные комнаты, о которых я упоминал, представляют собой серию одноразовых кабинок для мужчин и женщин со стенами от пола до потолка, оборудованных туалетами в старинном стиле и потолочными цистернами для воды.

Я остановился в двух разных комнатах, потому что моя поездка была разделена с посещением Германии. В первой части поездки мне предоставили комнату, которая казалась меньше той, что я забронировал, с кроватью размера «queen-size» вместо «king-size», и кровать располагалась очень близко к двери коридора, и поскольку в комнатах нет коврового покрытия, иногда это было немного шумно, но я исправил это, включив в телефоне звуки дождя. Вторая комната была больше, красивее, тише и приятнее.

Некоторые из недостатков этого отеля заключались в том, что все было спроектировано таким модным образом, что ему не хватало практичности, а я приверженец умного дизайна. Места для хранения вещей было очень мало, тумбочки у стола были очень маленькими и низкими к земле, в них было очень мало места для книги, телефона и стакана воды. Обслуживание номеров очень ограничено, что разочаровало такой дорогой отель. Одно из моих любимых занятий в отпуске - это заказать завтрак в номер, но все, что у них есть, - это корзины с сухими продуктами, а их ресторанный завтрак был очень ограниченным. Я часто ходил в кафе по соседству, чтобы позавтракать.

Самым странным в этом отеле были ванные комнаты. Душ и раковину разделяет небольшая стеклянная перегородка, но сторона, обращенная к унитазу, полностью открыта. Каждый раз, когда я принимал душ, вода разбрызгивалась повсюду, заливая пол и пропитывая рулоны туалетной бумаги и полотенца. Это очень плохой выбор дизайна.

В общем, мне жаль, что я не остановился в Hotel D'Angleterre, за углом
Review by Holden C

Source: tripadvisor

We really enjoyed our stay at Sanders. The staff is comprised of a young and enthusiastic team who can't do enough for you. In particular I wanted to point out the absolutely amazing job that Natalie did in the breakfast room on the day of our wedding, she was a complete delight and made us feel like royalty - Thank you so much Natalie. The location is really great and the rooms and hotel are decorated in a very stylish way. We really enjoyed the breakfast and the food we had in the restaurant one evening was very nice. The cocktail bar is also nice - I had a non-alcoholic cocktail that was mind-blowing. The only thing I could say wasn't amazing was the view out of the room, we were on the second floor facing an internal courtyard so the room felt a bit dark.
Review by Carly Taylor

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Great place to stay with cozy rooms with attention to details in every single elements in the hotel! Room condition was great, although a bit small but considering the very central location, it was no problem. Staffs at the reception was very friendly and my stay was generally good.
Reason for “only” three stars is our experience at the cafe/restaurant.
Me and my husband checked in at the hotel on September 5th and went to cafe for quick coffee around 5pm. We saw a waitress talking to people on other table, so we waited until we could get the menu. Once she was done with that table, she passed by our table and even after that she walked back and forth multiple times without even saying hello. People who took the seat after us got menu earlier than us. After being ignored for so long, my husband said “hi” to get her attention finally and without even stopping and looking, she said hi and probably said something like “I will be back soon” and walked inside. (Didnt understand as she was speaking Danish.) We were both so bummed out, thinking if we did something wrong.
Finally a waiter came to givr us the menu and take our order later, and once he went inside with our order (we sat on the first table to the left outside, coming out from the inside cafe) we could hear the girl asking the waiter “did you take their order?”. We were able to hear her talking about us which I thought was not professional. The whole wait and the way we were treated was not pleasant at all and made us forgot how nice the experience of checking-in was.
Next morning for breakfast, different staffs but we had similar experience of having to wait almost 10 minutes to be approached and in the end my husband went inside to grab menu himself.
I would expect similar level of training or professional mindset from the staffs working at cafe like the staffs at the reception. Having complete opposite experience of service was a bit confusing for me.
Review by Nami Goebel

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

From the moment we stepped into the hotel, to the day we checked out, we couldn't fault it. The lady at reception who checked us in was exceptional. Even gave me antibacterial spray for my hands without requesting. Great location, interior is phenomenal, and the rooms gorgeous. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond. The bar was amazing, and the drinks delicious. Food was great as well. I cannot fault this place. I travel a lot and this was by far one of my favourite places. Cannot wait to return!
Review by Jacob Schraverus

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This menu is the lunch menu at “The kitchen” restaurant. The place just beautiful with a sense of Paris at the 70s or at least that how we felt! The attention impeccable and friendly.
The food really amazing, the bikini truffle sandwich was for another world, so Please if you go there try it! The burrata was also amazing, but we order two and I think it’s better to share it. The dessert was just amazing ! We ordered Browned butter ice cream, and I will come back just for that !
5 starts without a doubt!
Review by Susan Tyrell

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Located close to the impressive Kings’s New Square (Kongen’s Nytorv) and picturesque Nyhavn, Sanders is situated at the axis of cultural heritage and the royal alchemy of Copenhagen, with notable neighbours as: The Royal Danish Theatre, The Opera House, Charlottenborg Palace (Kunsthal Charlottenborg) and Amalienborg Palace – museum and present Royal residence.

The bedroom design of the Sanders has been pleasingly determined by the building, a bespoke mantra in furnishings that makes each of the seven hotel categories feel utterly distinctive.

Food & Drink
Sanders Kitchen has the atmosphere of a private dinner party, a chef who likes to hang out with his guests, and a menu that is as unfussy as it is tasty.

You can enjoy the food in our Kitchen, under the stars at our Roof Terrace or in front of a fireplace on our outdoor terrace. Pair it with drinks from TATA, our own beer or some of the handpicked treasures from our wine cellar.


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