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King Kool The Hague City Hostel

/ King Kool The Hague City Hostel
King Kool The Hague City Hostel


Country: Nederland

City: Hague

Address: Prinsegracht 51, 2512 EX Den Haag, Netherlands

Phone number: +31702158339


I've been here for nearly 2 months and volunteered. This is nice place to stay. Room and all other facilities are well equipped and maintained. The owner has very high standard with hospitality work. You will feel like you staying in 5 star hotel in respect to their way of treating & respecting guests. Apart from that, although the Hague city itself is highly attractive for travelers, it is also in good location to explore and take a day trip to many other attractions in Netherland, such as beautiful beach on Atlantic ocean, Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam, Keunkenhof garden and even Amsterdam. I was truly happy to be in this city and this hostel for 2 months.
Review by Jongchang Kim

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Amazing hostel! Had an overnight stay in a private room when visiting The Hague for some parkrun tourism. I'll be honest, I had low expectations of staying in a hostel but I couldn't have been more wrong. The hostel was clean, welcoming, beautifully designed and the staff were lovely. Just one star deducted as the cafe didn't have non-dairy milk for three vegans desperate for a pre-parkrun coffee, however a vegan member of staff very kindly made us coffee using oat milk from the staff fridge - above and beyond the call of duty! We were told that non dairy milk is frequently requested but the management won't stock it. Come on King Kool, listen to your customers! Otherwise, highly recommended as a place to stay.
Review by Hannah Rushton

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They don't have female bedrooms. Me and my friend stayed there for three days and we were supposed to stay for a week. We couldn't there were more than 3 guys that kept harassing us. We couldn't sleep well cause we were feeling unsafe. We didn't feel like we could report to the reception because our safety could be compromised in that environment. In the last day, we packed our stuff and told the hostel everything about our situation. They didn't care, they said that we should know that hostels have people like this and they could change our rooms, but they wouldn't give our money back. Every room there was mixed bedroom, and the problem wasn't with only one guy, and only in the bedroom. The guys harassed us in public areas too. I want women to know the condition of this place, and how they deal with women safety before booking in this place, because they definitively won't warn you about it.
Review by Isadora Zuffo

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One of the best hostels I've been to. The staff was very polite and the place is really really clean. They are also open as a bar which can give some noise to the rooms but not too much. Big enough kitchen and fridge-space to the amount of people staying there which they have a really good system for; that you place all your stuff in a white box and write your name on it. The location is great with walking distance to the city center but without having the city noise to disturb. There's also the tram line going right outside of the entrance. I'd definitely stay there again.
Review by Chameleon Tree

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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