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Safestay Brussels

Safestay Brussels


Country: Belgium

City: Brussel

Address: Rue Grétry 53, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone number: +3222194343


I don't think it's as bad as the reviews say. I had a pleasant stay, the dorm and bathroom were clean for a really affordable price. You have to have your own amenities and a lock for your belongings though (I didn't have a lock and so does a lot of people in my dorm room, but thankfully nobody touched each other's stuffs). Both check-in and check-out were done in less than 5 minutes!
Review by Nazra Hanif Lutfiana

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The staff were excellent and helpful. They are in a location that's very helpful for a person vacationing on foot or public transportation. Got bitten by bedbugs pretty horribly though. And couldn't sleep past all the racket and hard mattress and singular pillow. I guess you get what you pay for at only 20€ a room. Should you stay? Ehhhhh sure, if you don't mind ravaging your body in bites in exchange for a cheap roof over your head. Quality staff and location can only gey you so far.
Review by Lis Sanguinan

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Everything super in here
-I am really don't like something but if you want to stay hotel in Belgium you shouldn't be cause steps are too little to pass.
-At night bathroom locked (only outside, hostel room has a one bathroom, it's open don't worry :)
-I am really like breakfast room so big and meet some people on there
-I am really love surrounded bed with curtains. (if you want to see look my pics)
-There is a one reading light and USB charging place
-Beds so comfortable.
Review by Akif Özöksel

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