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Beijing Hotel Minsk

Beijing Hotel Minsk


Country: Belarus

City: Minsk

Address: Krasnoarmeiskaya Ulitsa 36 Minsk

Phone number: +375173297777


I think i like this #pool
I think i like this #pool
Someone tell "Thanks God it's Friday!" We t...
Someone tell "Thanks God it's Friday!" We t...


Beautiful Property - whack casino
Went to the Beijing Hotel for drinks in their spectacular lobby bar which includes a small river, a ten story atrium and beautiful ambience....

Then went to the casino to play a little blackjack. The good news: the casino has an incredible “triple” rule — no joke you can take a card after a double and then hit again on a “triple”. It’s basically free money.

The bad news: they’ll only let you go up about 100% before they’ll close the table “to Americans” so the guy at the end of the table with his handler can keep losing $500 a hand on purpose. (Read into that what you will - nobody hits on 18 against a 7 or stands on 14 against a dealers 8).
Review by McAliente

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Overall great, but too expensive breakfast!
We stayed over New Year in this lovely hotel and went to the New Year party organised by the hotel. Everything about the room was nice - comfortable bed, silent and everything spotless clean. The reception and the way hotel welcomed us was great, but things got little bit worse later on. I would not recommend to spend 30 EUR for a hotel breakfast, because it is just not worth the money. You can have a much more individual and tasty breakfast if You order directly to Your room from a roomservice. Will be cheaper too! Other downside was a receptionist who was quite pushy on us leaving the room, even though we have had 3(!) times informed before that we are going to have a later checkout (2 hours later normal time). All in all - very good hotel, but with too expensive breakfast.
Review by Uldis T

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Great hotel, but we were cold
Location is not very central but by crossing a very nice park and river on a little pedestrian bridge you can reach the center by walking or taking the subway for one stop. Be aware that the hotel is not signed well.
Interior is very nice, internal fish pool, artificial fireplace, Christmas corner, very comfortable chairs.
Reception staff was very very nice, helpful and flexible, they also spoke good English.
We prepaid 2 nights but had to leave late afternoon before the second night so we chacked out. They did not use their policy and did not charge us for the 2 nights but treated it as one night and a late checkout and refunded the difference. We did not even ask for it, it was them offering it and we found it a very very honest and fair treatment. Thank you.
Our room was also nice, but the queen beds were smaller then they appeared on the picture and also the matress on one of them was smaller then the bed. It was not disturbing but could be if two adults slept in one bed.
Our heating was very poor, we were really cold all day and night, but the blankets were good quality and thick enough. We heard similar comments from our friends staying in the same wing (2) but our other friends staying in other wings had no problem with their heating.
We missed the breakfast but used the Oasis restaurant twice and we were very satisfied with both the service and the quality of the food.
I would highly recommend this hotel.
Review by pengemex

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Highest quality experience
We have been here for almost a week and have experienced how the staff works to guarantee an awesome experience to their customers. Rooms and bathrooms are perfectly furnished and cleaned (even if a lighter configuration for blankets during Summer would be appreciated to reduce the need for air conditioning at nighttime) and breakfast, even if rather expensive, is a top-level buffet with a nice choice of international and Chinese food. The SPA has only basic but very enjoyable facilities (pool, sauna and jacuzzi) for a relaxing break. The entire staff is friendly, attentive and efficient, and all details are properly checked in this modern structure. Service, location and position are worth the price.
Review by Marco R

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Genuine luxury hotel with all the trimmings
The Beijing appears to be a Belarusian-Chinese joint venture (and with enough signs and Chinese-speaking staff to make Chinese visitors comfortable...also Chinese food). Spectacular rooms, lobby, bar, outdoor terrace, meeting/conference rooms; excellent service, good meals -- and all at a remarkably reasonable price. Similar quality in Moscow, Stockholm, or the a major US city would cost twice as much (or more). It's also in a great location for local night life or just strolling. I'd come back here in a flash! Helpful staff with good English.
Review by Charles B

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Huge hotel, big rooms
I took a King size room and it was huge, great walk in shower too. Can't fault the rooms at all, whilst both the lobby, bar and reception areas are very impressive and grand too. I loved these parts of the hotel and wifi was perfect, except kept breaking off in the reception and the restaurant. The only downsides are the location which is a bit of a trek (25 minute walk or so but not hard to locate as its a straight road all the way to the centre really.) from the centre of town or a taxi ride if need be. I would also say breakfast, whilst a good selection was wildly overpriced at ca £20 a head. The spread was good but the quality was not that high to be honest. One day the hot water abruptly stopped in my shower but came back a bit later. Seemed to be a water pressure issue for a while. The food options in the hotel were not good for dinner. The main restaurant offered a pretty average spread and the Chinese restaurant was in the casino which is a bit seedy. I was flatly refused entry to eat in the casino restaurant even though I just wanted dinner. Everyone was in black tie and my presence was not welcomed which was ludicrous for a hotel guest. Actually the casino was the only place where the staff were not impressive, elsewhere they were very kind and professional. Overall, this is a grand and impressive hotel and very good value for what you get . I would stay again but I would know to eat out and stay away from the casino.
Review by Crazy_Jim_83

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Luxury and Comfort
The Beijing Hotel is in an area close to the center, yet also in a quiet area near the river. It has a nice walk along the river to the Cathedral and the Orthodox church.

The rooms are beautifully decorated and the pillows and sheets the best in any hotel I stayed in this year.

The swimming pool is a pleasure, as is the Jacuzzi and the massage.

Breakfast is perfect - everything from the omelet to the Chinese choices, the granola and cappuccino, the croissant and fresh squeezed juice. Perfect.

Staff are proper and professional.
Review by AnonPalestine

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

5 stars
Really great hotel! Enourmos building, very nicely decorated without beeing to much. Friendly staff who almost always can understand English. The room was one of the best ones we've been in. Luxuroius bathroom with everything. The bed is absolutely the best one we've slept in. Free wi-fi although not super fast. Free spa.
Minus for expensive breakfast. And the hotel is not all that close to the city center. But the metro is fast and costs 0,60 byn per trip.
We ate a good meal with wine and beer at the hotel restaurant for about 85 Byn.
Review by Sara S

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I thought that this was a very nice hotel. The room was comfortable and clean and the service at reception and in the sports area was friendly and good. The swimming pool was great too.

As I was departing however I saw my car arrive at the reception area and then saw it sent away. I had to chase after it with my luggage into a nearby Street. When I caught up with it I was told that he had been sent away as there was important people at the hotel and they took precedence.

How rude and disrespectful. Clearly 'ordinary' guests are disregarded if someone more interesting comes along. Not a great way to treat anyone.
Review by PaulBLondonUK

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Interesting and comfortable space
Thought I would stay at the Beijing for a change instead of the Renaissance and was not disappointed! It was quiet, seemed empty but the rooms were really nicely appointed and extremely comfortable. The communal areas we very attractive with nice water features and comfortable seating in the bar area. The hotel cost for the quality is very low by European standards, but don't let that put you off. Breakfast was really good- lots of choice and all high quality, but at 30USD was really overpriced- I advise a rate including breakfast if it's important to you. Two restaurants that I saw- I only ate at the Chinese restaurant for dinner and to be honest was underwhelmed. Food was not hot and pretty bland value was not great but ok compared to Central Europe. To be fair it was 40mins before closing when I arrived, but in my eyes it should not be an excuse to lower attention to detail. Loved the hotel though and would choose it again - enjoy!
Review by Ian R

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Excellent hotel!
Advantages: The hotel is absolutely huge and beautiful! Big rooms and lots of space everywhere (hall, reception, aqua-zone, fitness). The bed was comfy! The room is quiet and warm!
Liked the staff courtesy and willingness to help!
Tried the aqua-zone: pool is big, sauna is nice, relaxation room is a bonus.
Thanks for making my stay a pleasure.

Drawbacks: Air conditioning seemed to be quite weak.
Jacuzzi doesn't have powerful jets => few bubbles. Not possible to enjoy it together with your partner, because it is located separately in male and female zones.
But these are not minuses, just smh to be good to have.
All the rest is just excellent!
Review by Maria S

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Остановились на сутки: расположение, чистота, сервис все супер, на пять звёзд без вопросов. Но вот сам отель уже не тот, видно что ремонт не свежий, на стенах обоих с волнами местами; на окне раздолбана ручка - не открыть одно из двух. Соотношение цена/качество явно не сильное место этого отеля. За такую стоимость номера местные 4* предлагаю больший пакет, завтрак, спа все включено. Тут все нужно докупать, что не является минусом когда у тебя все остальное соответствует.
В общем цена уже не актуальна, недотягивает.
Review by Aleksei K

Source: tripadvisor

Хочу выразить огромную благодарность сотрудникам отеля. Мало того, что сам отель поражает своими масштабами, красотой и безупречностью, так ещё и люди там работают просто потрясающие.
Я заселялась всего на сутки в отель, но ввиду того, что задержалась с делами, заселение было у меня достаточно поздно(около 23:00). Очень обрадовал индивидуальный подход к каждому гостю.
Великолепный сотрудник Павел Сатаровский ввиду моего позднего заселения предложил мне остаться на следующий день на три часа дольше положенного выселения в отеле, чтобы я смогла посетить ваш СПА-комплекс.
Благодарю его и всех работников отеля за приятное время проведённое у вас!
Review by Anastasia

Source: tripadvisor

Один из любимых отелей в Минске, не считая Марриотт. Расположение в тихом уголке центра, прекрасный сад, река, воздух чистый, удобная парковка, невероятно огромный холл! в холле бассейны с рыбками, камин, бар. Просторные большие номера, хорошее обслуживание, в номера приносят вкусную еду, хотя внизу в ресторанах нам не понравилось (говорила персоналу, что рестораны им надо менять, и дизайн и кухню - это пожалуй один из минусов). Нам нравится останавливаться в Пекине, осенью невероятно красиво в парке, погулять одно наслаждение. Чистота и комфорт
Review by Hellen Yurevna

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The Beijing Hotel Minsk is located on the riverside of the Svisloch River in Minsk, the capital city of the Republic of Belarus. Hotel is surrounded on three sides by river and on one side by lush green trees.

The hotels architecture is a traditional Chinese courtyard with white walls and grey tiles. It is a blend of ancient Huizhou Style and modern hotel architectural elements.
The Beijing Hotel Minsk is a multifunctional complex with 180 various types of guest rooms.

Food & Drink
The hotel complex has two restaurants (with Chinese and European cuisine), multi-function banquet halls, meeting rooms, fitness center, kidsroom, swimming pool, lobby-bar and several other recreational facilities. The five-star business hotel provides accommodation, catering service, conference facilities and other leisure facilities. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation you will definitely get very comfortable experience here.

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