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Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

/ Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort
Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort


Country: Finland

City: Rovaniemi

Address: Vaattunkikönkääntie 219, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland

Phone number: +358500599999


There’s nothing else around, nothing. We went in December and I was hoping the ski slope was open but it doesn’t until Feb and to be fair it was -32 when we were there which is to cold. Budget food and very edible.  The rooms are clean but basic. Don’t expect luxury or you’ll be disappointed. Staff were really nice but it was all about our 6yr old and meeting Santa and his Mrs. All very well done and for a moment I was six again. The Northern Lights were ok too.
Review by Andrew Christie

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Had a wonderful experience! Anni was amazing at helping me schedule and organize the perfect trip. Dominic was one of our tour guides. He was amazing, we had so much fun with him. Tony was another one of our guides and he was very knowledgeable! The staff was so friendly. The cabin was very cozy, with a floor length window letting you see the gorgeous sights of the camp. Definitely recommend the ice breaker cruise, it's an incredible once in a lifetime experience!
Review by Cady Fox

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We were in Panorama Hut for the night. Lovely little apartment! The rooms had a double bed + a single bed on the wall, under the table. Clean, tidy, hotel-like room. Shampoos, towels, bed linen and sheets there. Nature right behind the big window. The rapids are absolutely stunning and invested in the nature trail, wheelchair / wheelchair accessible. Accommodation area, really quiet and clean. There was no staff present, but everything went smoothly! I recommend the place.
Review by Aino Hämäläinen

Source: www.booking.com

Easy routes for day hiking and a short drive from the center of Rovaniemi. Some of the routes take the mobility difficulties into account, especially at the beginning, but you can also go on an adventure with about 8-10 km of runs. You should often visit here as a local. The sheds have firewood and outdoor hoods available.
Review by Terhi

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