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Hôtel Majestic

Hôtel Majestic


Country: France

City: Bordeaux

Address: 2 Rue de Condé, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Phone number: +33556526044


Fantastic stay in fantastic location! Location - Unbeatable. Walking distance to the major tourist spots in the city, the river, and to the famous Rue Sainte-Catherine. many eateries around of all kinds. Several tram stations are very close. Easy to reach Bordeaux Saint-Jean (the main train station). Room - Very clean, Equipped with what is needed. Have AC + Safe. Service - Very professional and helpful staff at the front desk. They even gave me the room at 12:00 pm which was awesome. I'll return for sure on my next visit.
Review by Shai Nissan

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The Hotel Majestic is located in the central area of Bordeaux. It is near a major tram stop, and close to the Opera and banking centers. The staff is very helpful, especially with local recommendations. You can store your luggage if necessary. The hotel has a lovely lounge/breakfast area. The rooms are nicely appointed and large. Very comfortable bed. Fairly quiet, since it is a bit away (but not too far) from the "touristy" areas. Lovely place to stay, would not mind staying here again.
Review by Anna Hautzinger

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Solid hotel, and I would recommend for anyone planning on visiting Bordeaux. The staff were fantastic and the location is excellent with easy access to central Bordeaux and the rail system. The rooms were a bit small and the decoration for the window shades were a bit much, but in the grand scheme of things how much time is one really spending in their hotel room when visiting Bordeaux.
Review by Erik Wohlmuth

Source: www.booking.com

Great location right near the center of Bordeaux, but on a quiet little side street. Very pleasant, welcoming and helpful staff. Small but comfortable rooms with a TV. Decent value for money. Had a nice stay, would stay here again and recommend to others!
Review by Kyle Russo

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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