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Omena Hotel, Humalistonkatu

/ Omena Hotel, Humalistonkatu
Omena Hotel, Humalistonkatu


Country: Finland

City: Turku

Address: Humalistonkatu 7, 20100 Turku, Finland

Phone number: +358600555222


Nice design and exterior outside under roof. Problem with breathing into a room. Peaceful and easy night close enough in bathroom as dog.. I had a feeling somebody was into my room, I heard things moving but i couldn’t see anyone. I made a phone call to police and emergancy to make a crime raport by a phone but they are corrupted and don’t care at all.
Review by Leszek Pietrzak

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Absolutely horrid. Window blacked out, plastic bathroom, stained bed cover, the entire room is in desperate need of a renovation. The other Omenahotelli in Turku is very pleasant, this one totally not!
Review by Tim Dieltiens

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Good place if you want a cheap night in turku.  i booked a place via booking, they changed my arrival dates free of charge. impeccable cleanliness, but the interior can be refreshed.  good contact with the hotel.
Review by Adam Faliszewski

Source: www.booking.com

Cannot recommend based on my own experience: sticky stains on the table, cupboard very dusty, previous inhabitant's drink in a glass under my bed, hall floor full of stains, edge strip of the wall panels on the floor in the hall, wrong info about breakfast café's opening times on the wall in our room. Don't need customer service to respond to this, I already left the same feedback with the omena hotel's own feedback service.
Review by Sorge Jummero

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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