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Hotel Harriet KY

Hotel Harriet KY


Country: Finland

City: Turku

Address: Käsityöläiskatu 11, 20100 Turku, Finland

Phone number: +358409102222


An awful hotel. I paid more than 100 euros per night for the room, yet there was neither toilet nor shower in my room - only in the corridor in common use. The room was austere and simple. The overall condition of the hotel was not very clean. The reception staff didn't speak Finnish, and there even wasn't an employee behind the reception counter all the time. We just got one key for a room of 3 persons. The common toilets were too narrow, it was hard to fit there comfortably. All in all, the worst hotel experience ever! The place definitely does nit deserve to be called hotel - even hostel ks close to exaggeration.
Review by Petri Rajala

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Warning! All Harriet brand accommodations in the Turku region are run by same problematic person,  who is at the moment accused of a tax fraud according to the Turun Sanomat news paper. You should avoid this and other Harriet brand places at all cost. Not only has bad service been reported but also constant problems with hygiene and cleanliness.  Staff is treated poorly and there have been several mentions of bed bugs and mange epidemics. Customers have reported bodily fluids on walls and bed sheets. Take this warning seriously. This place is not bad only in Finnish standards, it would be bad anywhere in the world. So don't kid yourself by thinking, that "okay, bad in Finland cannot be that bad". It is infectiously bad. Don't take this place even if it is last place available. You are better off by sleeping on the streets. Seriously!  During summer months that is not a problem. And all other periods you will find some other hotel for sure. You will see some good reviews of this place on certain websites. It is highly suspected that these are bought reviews!
Review by Jay S

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

The only thing that was falling apart more than the room by the end of the night was my mental state. The pictures are not accurate, you'd hope they'd be white but sadly the beds are 50 shades of stains. The prospect of a TV excited me until I realised the mains power for the TV was chopped andwas "made safe" by wrapping in tape... Was a bit of a shock. The room was far too expensive for what it was, slept on the floor there was less risk bed bugs and crabs. When we arrived in the room we had our bedding taken away from us.. honestly it made the room a bit nicer. On the whole I feel this hotel is appropriate for renting by the hour, or get a combination package from the strip club across the road. I would not bring your children unless you want to teach then where they don't want to end up in life. There is more chance of me giving this place a 5* review than get a refund.. save yourselves the money and your sanity.
Review by George Thelwell

Source: www.booking.com

Do not stay here. We paid €110+ euros for a single night on stained mattresses. Having been hiking previously, we mostly opted to sleep on the floor rather than on the filthy beds. No toilet or shower in room, only a communal one in the corridor. A single sink in the corner of the room which had old hair sitting in it. Horrible staff that increased the price of the room on all of their online sales when we mentioned it was marginally cheaper than their desk price, We had our bed sheets, pillows and covers taken away by the strange receptionist. Awful.
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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