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La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

/ La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa
La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa


Country: France

City: Paris

Address: 42 Avenue Gabriel, 75008, Paris, France.

Phone number: +33158366060


The ever-charming La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa awaits y...
The ever-charming La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa awaits y...
Proud to announce that the American magazine @travelandle...
Proud to announce that the American magazine @travelandle...
Located in the heart of Paris, this hotel’s personalized ...
Located in the heart of Paris, this hotel’s personalized ...
The wonderful library at @lareserveparis Happy book lover...
The wonderful library at @lareserveparis Happy book lover...
My reserve, La Réserve
My reserve, La Réserve
Mid-way between Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue M...
Mid-way between Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue M...
You might need a City Mapper app to not get lost in this ...
You might need a City Mapper app to not get lost in this ...
Tub fit for a queen at Hotel La Reserve
Tub fit for a queen at Hotel La Reserve



Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Europe. The last part of our adventure was 4 days in Paris. On a recommendation we stayed at La Reserve. We could not have been more pleased with our choice. From the moment we stepped out of the car and walked up to the beautiful and welcoming red front doors, we felt like royalty. La Reserve was the perfect atmosphere for celebrating a very romantic 4 nights, with their many fireplaces, warm decor, and abundant flower arrangements, it could not have been more beautiful and inviting. What truly makes La Reserve stand out is their amazing attention to detail, their superb service, and above all how friendly EVERYONE was. We truly felt like we were their only guests and like we were coming home each time we entered the hotel. You might think with such a fine hotel you might experience a bit of stuffiness, but what we experienced was the exact opposite. Every single member of their team; from the concierge, to the restaurant staff, to the hotel manager, could not have been more inviting, friendly and helpful. They helped us with many dinner reservation changes and with the tours we had set up. They were so extremlely helpful when we found we needed to change dinner times, or places due to our schedule. We got upgraded to a suite with a private balcony that was amazing.The wonderful surprises that were left in our room each night were such thoughtful touches. We got the opportunity to eat in their restaurant, Le Gabriel, one evening which was a special treat in itself. The food and service were both superb and an experience not to be missed. Our 25th Anniversary celebration to Europe was certainly an amazing adventure for us, but staying at La Reserve was without a doubt the highlight, and will provide us with unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Thank you to all the staff for making our visit to Paris absolutely perfect!
Review by Igall100

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

My new favorite Paris hotel!
I traveled to Paris over New Year'e eve, and stayed at La Reserve with my wife. We booked a Prestige Junior Suite. When we arrived, we were pleased that we had been upgraded to the next level Suite! The room was specious, beautifully appointed and comfortable, with a luxurious marble bathroom with heated floors and a big rain shower. The room was also very quiet. Though only a few steps from the Champs-Elysees.

We learned that the hotel has some 40 or so rooms, many of them Suites. Given the more intimate size, it really felt like staying in a large mansion rather than a sprawling hotel. The staff was really friendly and accommodating, from Concierge to front desk and the staff in the restaurant.

Speaking of the restaurant, we really enjoyed the breakfast. There were many choices from healthier options (fruit plates, smoothies, egg white omelettes) to more traditional French breakfast staples (croissants, pastries, etc). Also, the coffee was actually very good! Something of a rarity in France, unfortunately.

We also indulged in a massage at the spa. We each had a terrific 90-minute massage treatments that were outstanding and super-relaxing.

We would definitely recommend La Reserve. It feels much more cozy and personal that some of the other luxury hotels in the area (Georges V, Bristol, Crillon, etc).

Can't wait to return!
Review by World Traveler

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

Finest hotel anywhere
I took my family to Paris for Christmas and the experience could not have been more wonderful. The concierge staff was superb in setting up reservations for dinners and activities. The rooms were stunning and the amenities fabulous. We had Christmas dinner at Le Gabriel and it was one of the most memorable family get-togethers ever. Overall, this is the best hotel I've ever visited and I've been fortunate enough to visit a lot of tremendous place.
Review by Bob

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

You want details of La Reserve? I have them
Переводчик Google
I stopped reviewing hotels for some time but now back on TripAdvisor thanks to La Reserve. Since my last review we probably stayed at some 22 of the nicest hotels/accommodations around the world so the perspective we bring is in comparison to other 5+Star luxury hotels. We stayed at La Reserve Paris for the first time this quick Paris trip. It was recommended by my husband’s colleague who said it is literally the best hotel in Paris. With standard rooms starting at $1200, how bad could it be. Well, let me start with the good. Here are some of the good facts and the reason why we gave this hotel any stars at all:
1. The hotel is undeniably beautiful, especially the public areas including the lobby and library. Beautiful Christmas decorations throughout.
2. The lady who works as the concierge is fabulous. She was super helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She helped me find a limited piece of jewelry I was looking for in Paris which was spectacular.
3. The pullout sofa bed has an extraordinarily comfortable mattress for a sofa bed. Even at some of the best hotels around the world the main beds may be very comfortable but the pull out extra beds can be awful. La Reserve had one of the better pull out sofa beds.
4. Great baby amenities in the room. They gave Tartine de Chocolat stuffed animals for the kids and even bibs and sleepsack for the baby. The baby bathtub and crib were set up and ready to go and on the second night left a fun bubble bath for our son.
5. It was recently my birthday and they brought a complimentary cake and nice memento as a gift. Very thoughtful and nice although every high end hotel does a version of this. La Reserve’s version was very tasteful and enjoyable.
6. On the first night we were given a bottle of red wine and pastries as a welcome gift. Again all luxury hotels have a version of this but La Reserve’s choice in wine and treats were quite delectable.
7. Nice automatic flushing toilets plus bidets.

That’s where the good ends.

1. THE ROOMS- my husband made the mistake of booking a standard room through Amex weeks before. However the day before check in (our travel day) we were emailed by the hotel that the room would not be big enough for us and can’t fit a roll out cot/bed for our 5 year old. They asked us to pay an EXTRA 650 euros/night for the junior suite which is the minimum requirement to accommodate us or go get a new hotel. The part of the email referencing getting a new hotel was a bit off putting but decided to let it go. When we arrived at the hotel we agreed to pay extra for a bigger room, and was looking forward to enjoying the hotel. We did ask for a complimentary room upgrade (to regular suite) as there was availability and it is part of our Amex perks. Management came back and said instead of moving us up to a bigger suite, they will charge us less: 350 euros a night more vs the 650 and upgrade us from a standard room into a junior suite. Mind you we would have preferred the upgrade from junior suite to regular suite, but was fine with whatever the hotel offered. Well the junior suite turned out to be extremely small for a suite. It was one room w a bed, desk and small sofa+coffee table and in Paris I guess this can be called a suite but in other parts of the world it’s just a standard room. It was also a wheelchair accessible room which the hotel didn’t inform us ahead of time to see if ok—as a result the shower had no door, the toilet was in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom and there was a ton of dead space which decreased the actual usable square footage of the room. Please remember if you are booking for other than a party of 2 a suite is mandatory, meaning you are looking at at least 1650 euros a night off peak for the base junior suite room. The Butler that comes with the room was available only 50% of the time we called for him/her.

2. THE SERVICE/QUALITY- mediocre. Aside from the great concierge, spoken of above, the rest was very average. First off, the hotel in general will nickel and dime you for everything. For instance the kids dish from the room service menu is 50 euros. It comes w beef, a dessert and a drink. We thought by beef they meant steak. But the kids meal beef is a ground beef hamburger patty on a plate and nothing else. We asked for a side of broccoli at the time of ordering. When they brought the food to the room they informed us they were out of broccoli. We then asked to bring some other vegetable and/or fruit with this meal instead. They ended up bringing different grilled veggies and fruits on the side, as well as another bill—48 euros extra. It’s one thing to pay a lot for good food (not to mention at hotels such as the Four Seasons resorts kids 6 and under eat completely free) but at La Reserve the kids food was neither good nor cheap. Btw if you are on the Amex fine hotels and resorts.. only a continental breakfast is included... and this means a bread basket, jam and butter. If you order anything else ie. eggs expect to see a significant upcharge on your bill. There is no such thing as throwing in extras at this hotel. As a matter of fact for a high end hotel, the nickel and diming was never ending—you ask for a thermometer, extra charge...thermometer doesn’t work and you let them know at check out? Doesn’t matter, they still charge. You get the picture.

3. QUESTIONS OF ETHICS?-We went straight from airport to hotel. At the airport pulled out 500 euros from the atm, went into cab, verified the amount in cab, got to hotel paid cab driver and walked into lobby. Hotel staff took all of our luggage and carry ons including husband’s coat which contained his wallet as we waited for our room to get sorted out. Got to room and wallet was put on table. The hotel said it was dropped and they picked it up for us and brought to the room. We double check cash in wallet: 20 euros missing. Tell the hotel management just to inform them..hotel notes this and never addressed again. We really didn’t want to accuse but at the same time went from cab (where money was verified) directly into hotel, we couldn’t think of other options for the lost money.

4. POOR GUEST RELATIONS MANAGER- so despite any other complaint (and so far we only have listed a few of the bigger ones in this review) the WORST happened on our last night at the hotel. Our family including 5 year old and 8 month old, strollers and all, come back to the hotel after dinner when the guest relations MANAGER stops us at the doorway, getting into the lobby. We are all standing there as he asserts that our 5 year old irreparably damaged their carpet by streaking the carpet with marker. They now need to charge us for two extra nights (which is at least $1650 euros plus tax and service a night) while they replace the carpet. Manager couldn’t think of a better time or place to address this. Meanwhile, our 5 year old who did NOT mark the carpets with marker (and in fact the markings were from crayon shavings which may have fallen while my son was drawing on PAPER, and made worse when housekeeping vacuumed over it), was so upset about the accusations made by the guest relations manager, he insisted on trying to clean the carpet himself. Our 5 year old was horrified that being Christmas Eve, and Santa watching this incident would prevent him from getting presents from Santa. My husband, son and I, who have never cleaned a carpet in our lives, manages to get the markings out with just water and a towel. Management claims their professional housekeeping tried hard to clean this and could not so it is irreparable, yet our family who is far from being professional cleaners was able to get most of the stains out in 10-15 mins with just water. Either Housekeeping didn’t try hard to clean or they are severely incompetent. Went to speak with guest relations again and ask him to check the carpet which he claimed was irreparably damaged. He refuses. He said we can address in the morning but due to an early flight we informed him we need to check out by 7:30am. He said no one would be able to help us til 8:30am so we would not be able to talk to anyone at all before we checked out. No apology from him btw. We left the next morning. No one addressed anything further with us. Even to this moment.

Why was this the worst thing that happened for us? Well first of all, it was terrible to see our 5 year old to be so upset during Christmas time over something that could be fixed and secondly it was the last day of my birthday/Christmas trip to Paris and we all left with the worst feeling ever. It is disappointing that this is the level of service coming from the guest relations manager of the hotel. Because we as guests left extremely unhappy.

As frequent travelers and guests of some of the best hotels in the world, we gauge how good a hotel is not by how perfect our stay is overall, but how well things are rectified when things are less than perfect.
In almost all high end hotels we have been in, they do an extraordinary job in rectifying or making amends to a situation when things don’t go quite right. La Reserve in Paris fails in this regard. For the price,
I would definitely not recommend this hotel in comparison to other luxury hotels in Paris—for starters the Four Seasons..
Review by hamachi1

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

Anniversary Stay
Just returned from celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary with a two night stay at La Reserve.
We have been very fortunate to have travelled far and wide and stayed in a number of famous hotels.
This was by far and away the best. Hands down.

Service just happens, not overbearing but everything is absolutely right. Nothing too much trouble and the staff seem to genuinely delight in the knowledge they have found the magic recipe.

In life, if you are lucky, you get what you pay for. La Reserve can never claim to be cheap, but I have no quibbles even in the remotest degree.

We were in a Junior Suite - Room 502. The views of the Eiffel Tower and Grand Palais were breathtaking.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever written a review because sometimes some things just deserve it.

Life is too short. You can’t take it with you. Be kind to yourself and visit La Reserve !

And no, I neither work for them or have any link other than having been a guest
Review by Mike and Sara

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru


Mid-way between Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Montaigne, a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées, where the heart of Paris beats. Nestled in a peaceful location, slightly set back from the world's most beautiful avenue, La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa overlooks the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon and the Concorde obelisk. Just in front, a majestic curtain of trees preserves the intimacy of this place, like an echo of the Elysée gardens nearby.
Michel Reybier's highly distinctive urban mansion has all the elegance of a 19th century private apartment, where ultra-personalized services can be enjoyed in complete simplicity and discretion.
All around are immense spaces bathed in light, barely muted by the rich fabrics of the hangings. Scattered here and there are beautiful marble fireplaces, and everywhere the joy of vast indoor spaces, typical of Haussmann-style apartments. The noble and generous materials exude a forgotten spirit of generosity. More suites than rooms, a library reserved for guests and their friends, a smoking lounge, a 16-meter indoor pool (a rarity in Paris), wine cellars in the suites, an inner courtyard with lush greenery echoing the landscaped entrance. At La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa, you experience the quintessence of Parisian chic in the Belle Époque.

The 25 suites and 15 rooms at La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa offer a refined reflection of the quintessence of 19th century Parisian chic. Silk hung walls, damascene brocade taffeta, velvet drapes, waffle weave fabrics, herringbone oak parquet, unique pieces of antique furniture... Rooms are spacious and the atmosphere can be adapted at will thanks to an interactive tablet that controls the TV, the temperature and the lighting. The bathrooms in Carrara and Turquin blue marble are equally spacious and mostly bathed in natural light.

A suite in a private home

More than just a suite: an authentic Parisian apartment all to oneself. Interpreted in a palette of four gentle shades, all the suites at La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa are different. They are unique, both on principle and for the sheer pleasure of discovering in each instance a distinctive place imbued with original charm. Spread out between the first and fifth floors, their generous floor plans range from 50 to over 200 sq.m., and some feature communicating doors.

A dedicated butler for the rooms and suites

Each room and each suite has its dedicated butler, a magician who handles every detail of daily life. A virtuoso in the art of anticipating each guest’s desires, always close by and available at a touch of the special button on the in-suite iPad, he ensures perfect homelike comfort in a supremely discreet way: packing or repacking, running a bath or rustling up a meal as the fancy may take you, 24/7… No strict room service menu here: just say the word and look forward to savoring the finest seasonal produce prepared by the chef of Le Gabriel.

As Marie-Fleur, the Golden Keys head concierge, aptly puts it: “This is a place not for sleeping, but for dreaming…”

Forget the weather, stress, fatigue and even what time it is… finally let go and recharge your batteries with vital energy in an intimate place, sheltered from the hustle and bustle outside.

Set around the 16-meter indoor pool are just three treatment rooms, a fitness area with a sports coach, creating a peaceful atmosphere where one is finally relieved of pressure and can succumb to a complete disconnect from the daily grind. Men are not forgotten, with a range of services indispensable to modern-day gentlemen.

La Réserve Paris spa offers Nescens-Swiss anti-aging science cosmeceutical products.

Born of the medical expertise of the Center for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland), created by Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the realm of aging biology and anti-aging medicine, the Nescens-Swiss anti-aging science brand offers in exclusivity at La Réserve Paris sophisticated treatments for men and women, better-aging massages and cosmeceutical anti-aging products.

Completely personalized body and face treatments may be tailored to every individual need and desire.

The swimming pool, hammam and the fitness center are open 24h/24h and reserved exclusively for the guests over 16 years old of La Réserve Paris - Hotel, Spa and Apartments.

Treatments provided from 9 am to 9 pm - Reservation recommended
Outside guests may reserve treatments at the Spa.

Value for money
Double rooms from €1,050 (£939) in low season; and from €1,400 (£1252) in high. Breakfast excluded (from €15/£13). Free Wi-Fi.

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