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Milling Hotel Windsor

Milling Hotel Windsor


Country: Denmark

City: Odense

Address: Vindegade 45, 5000 Odense, Denmark

Phone number: +4566120652


Nice hotel not far from Svendborg station. Lovely breakfast choices buffet style.  Nice warm showers and a comfy bed. I just wished they would clean the toilets a bit more often!  They would get the full five stars if they did.
Review by Marilyn Schmidt

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We loved it! Old hotel with character near downtown. Standard shower size, not small, wood floors under the carpet, quiet while we slept. Would definitely stay again. People who've complained need to take in consideration what it is, a classic older hotel.
Review by Jason Hirsch

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Pretty much at the center of the city, very helpful service. Breakfast and the mid evening snacks are provided which is good. The paintings on the stairways are pretty classy. I though find the rooms little old fashioned and squeaky.
Review by Pallavi Thiagarajan

Source: www.booking.com

A cozy hotel located centrally in Odense as well as in close proximity to the main train station- an easy 6 minutes walk.
The hotel is located in an old building and there is no air-conditioning in the rooms. Accessibility for handicapped is very limited. Breakfast is very nice, and consists of more items than in 4 stars hotles I have been to. The coffee machine is also quite good and offers a variety of coffee drinks. The stuff is curious and welcoming. Free WiFi is available.
Review by Yaki Meller

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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