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Amhurst Hotel

Amhurst Hotel


Country: England

City: London

Address: 45-47 Amhurst Park, London N16 5DL, United Kingdom

Phone number: +442088007587


Great value for money relative to other offerings in London. The beds could have been comfier, but overall the rooms were fine enough. There's also a lovely garden, a common area with cooking equipment, and the Wifi works well.
It's a bit of a hike to tourist sites closer to the center of the city, but you'd be paying much more to stay in those places.
Overall good value, I'd stay again.
Review by Nick Babyak

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Our stay was good; actually better than good.
We were upgraded without asking and no extra charges. Everything in the room was functional except there was no lock on washroom and we were fine with it.
The guy who checked us in was friendly.
Only problem was the smell of smoke when you enter the hotel and I think the staff can be moody. I mean he was super good to us but I figured that might not be the case with everyone. Anyway, I am giving 4 stars only because of the smell; everything else was fine with me.
Review by Akash Kumar

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I always stay here when we need somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay and is always lovely. We have now made friends with Jeff who hosts us every time we stay. He always makes sure we’re comfortable and helps out if we need anything!
Review by Lauryn Newman

Source: www.booking.com

Quite little place. We got exactly what we paid for, a place to stay the night.
I can't understand why they'd be cleaning Bathrooms when guest are getting ready to go? Surely it would be better to clean after we'd left. I suppose there's a method in the madness, but we found it inconvenient.
Review by Yasmin Euphemia

Source: www.tripadvisor.co.uk


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