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Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Autograph Collection

/ Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Autograph Collection
Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Autograph Collection


Country: Germany

City: Hamburg

Address: An d. Alster 72-79, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

Phone number: +494028880


Great hotel with history and charm. The recent renovations are also done really well, without compromising the old charm of the original building interior. The service is excellent, not snobby at all, and the rooms are very clean and comfortable. The bar is also amazing. Will definitely come back!
Review by Charlotte Choo

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Hotel in a nice building, and good location close to the train station and with amazing views on the Alster. However, the rates for staying here are overpriced, as the hotel is in urgent need of a refresh due to the wear and tear (furniture in the rooms is cracked and damaged, the lift indicator at the lobby does not work and you do not know which of the two lifts is going down or up, etc). In addition, although breakfast is acceptable, it is not at the level of other luxury properties we have stayed at: no freshly squeezed orange juice, not much variety, etc. Finally, parking is expensive (37 euros/night), and lots of plastic is being wasted with the small amenities (shampoo, gel, conditioner…much better to use large recipients fixed in the walls and that can be refilled!). I would have to think it twice if I would stay here again.
Review by Tomas Diaz

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This hotel is fantastic. The rooms are really nice, the interior design is beautiful and food is tasty. It might not be the most modern or luxurious hotel in Hamburg, but what makes this hotel excellent and my favorite choice is the extremely friendly, authentic and caring staff that goes the extra mile to make you feel welcomed and comfortable at all times. I would definitely come again.
Review by Raphael Mankopf

Source: www.booking.com

Beautiful old hotel. Spacious bedrooms and bathroom which are well equipped. However the rooms can do with a little more cleaning as there were cobwebs and dust. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Wonderful breakfast and a variety to choose from. The restaurant staff was extremely professional and courteous. I will definitely make a second visit.
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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