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Beresford Hotel IFSC

Beresford Hotel IFSC


Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Address: 21 Store St, North Dock, Dublin, D01 T9R2, Ireland

Phone number: +35318134700


Really happy with our stay here. The hotel was very clean, the staff were all so friendly and helpful and the location perfect.
The next morning some carpet men came to renew, but even this was done at a 11am so not too early! The best 3 star I have ever stayed in.
Review by Anonymous person

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Great location, well priced rooms and friendly staff. The restaurant and bar are currently closed due to Covid except for breakfast. The hot water takes a long time to come through but does eventually get there. Very good value overall.
Review by Fergus Nelson

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It was okay, the staff was lovely. The breakfast was okay. Location was great for plus and our needs. But the other guests staying in the room next to us were unbearable, drunk and noisy inthe middle of the night for two night in a row.
Review by Anonymous person

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Beresford Hotel IFSC Dublin is a great hotel conveniently located near the center of downtown Dublin, it's just about a 7-10 min away  walking, it has adjacent a restaurant and a couple of bars, the staff was super friendly, big shout out to Ivan from Spain. Beds are comfy, great value, we had a great stay during our week in dublin.
Review by Luis Roman

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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