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Nimb Hotel


Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Address: Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone number: +4588700000


Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen which is set in fantastical Tivoli...
Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen which is set in fantastical Tivoli...
A pool with a view. Nimb rooftop terrace.
A pool with a view. Nimb rooftop terrace.
Tivoli at night comes to life in a whole new way. Didn’t ...
Tivoli at night comes to life in a whole new way. Didn’t ...
The Nimb Hotel is beautiful and located right in Tivoli G...
The Nimb Hotel is beautiful and located right in Tivoli G...
Interior from Nimb Hotel.
Interior from Nimb Hotel.
One of my absolutely favourite hotels in the world is the...
One of my absolutely favourite hotels in the world is the...
Last weekend, I was invited to a surprise “not bacheloret...
Last weekend, I was invited to a surprise “not bacheloret...
Bath time! #holiday #relax
Bath time! #holiday #relax


NIMB is the bullocks!!!

Hotel NIMB, in the heart of Copenhagen and on Tivoli grounds, is plain and simply the bollocks. Pardon my French, but never have we stayed in such a superb hotel before and we have been trying other luxurious hotels around the world. All the staff, from reception to housekeeping are truly ensuring the best stay possible. They, obviously, have pride in the hotel and want the NIMB brand renowned for excellence in service. Our suite was wonderful with magnificent views over Tivoli Gardens which was simply magical. The bathroom had a bath to fit two. There was a fireplace and a quick phone call to reception and they would come and fire it up promptly.
NIMB have several restaurants, where you can dine or have lunch, we choose NIMB Brassiere and the meal and service was outstanding. Breakfast is a highlight, with plenty to choose from the buffet, and in addition to this you were able to choose from their hot menu and your breadfast was prepared by Chef, especially for you, meeting any dietry requirements. The design inside the hotel is stunningly well balanced between modern and antique. The gym and spa area, take you to Thailand top spa’s, made so luxurious and friendly, it gives you peace just by entering. All this is quite something for a small hotel with only 38 rooms. The hotel ran seemlessly and with the high quality service one wishes for when planning a stay away from home. We certainly felt very welcome and would not hesitate to recommend and not sure we will ever be able to stay anywhere else in Copenhagen after such a fantastic stay here.

Should you ever want to treat yourself to something above the ordinary, please allow yourself to book a stay with NIMB - it will make you smile.

I thank all the staff for making our stay so perfect and effortless, we left in a bubble of happiness.
Review by LCJ

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Nimb is one of the best hotels we have stayed. Amazingly convenient location, across the road from the main station and right beside Tivoli Gardens.

Staff was amazing and were really warm and friendly. We had a spacious room with a massive terrace facing Tivoli which was great. Top quality amenities and an honesty bar in the room were also a big plus.

Breakfast was nice and there are loads of other food outlets at the hotel and in the Park, so plenty of options to choose from.

You also have complimentary access to Tivoli, with all the rides included, which is a massive add-on and made the stay truly fantastic. Next time we are bringing the children!
Review by pechito33

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Out of this WORLD!!!
Myself, my husband,my mother in law and our two girls visited the Nimb hotel for the christmas markets in december for three days.

We stayed in two junior suites, room 10 and room 11.

These were without any doubt the most luxurious beautiful incredible rooms any of us have ever stayed in.
The level of absolute luxury is unrivalled,the 4 post beds, the lemon tree in the room , the fabulous toiletries, even some luxury oil to use for your skin if it gets dry from being out in the cold!! Every last detail was thought through. Our fireplace and view onto the christmas markets were just breathtaking!
The staff were so friendly, professional and attentive, and seemed genuinely happy at their work, a pleasure to deal with.
The hotel itself is 'out of this world' it oozes such a relaxed atmosphere and is so classy and beautiful also, in particular we loved the bar with the stunning wall art and trees in the room and the large fireplace to sit and enjoy a martini before bed!!
The children still talk of our visit and refer to the Nimb as "that magical place" .The complimentary passes into tivolli gardens were just so amazing as we could go on all the fun rides as much as we liked and the lovely staff also gave us a complimentary pass to see Santa clause himself, which included 2 photos which was an added bonus.

I cant recommend this hotel enough. Every second of our trip here was just heaven and we will recommend to all we know and will return again and again.
You are treated like royalty from the second you arrive until you depart.
Well done to all the staff at Nimb for giving us all such wonderful memories.
Review by sinead k

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

High Expectations?
Do not worry... If you book this hotel, it will live up to high expectations (which I got).

The good...
The rooms are beautiful! The furniture complements each other and make good use of the space. The room feels personable, warm and inviting; not cold and lifeless.
The bathroom is glorious, it has a large soaking tub, excellent toiletries, high quality towels and bathmats, loads of counter space and great lighting.
I thoroughly enjoyed the botanical aspect of the hotel. There are beautiful flower and plant displays in the foyer and along the hallways. I believe there are also at least one plant in every room, which are tended to regularly. I believe plants are such a great touch to any room!

The bad...
There is loads of construction in the public spaces so many areas were not pleasant to look at or walk through... The brasserie is under renovation... So, no enjoying that space either...
We did come during low season so I guess it makes sense to do them now... And it is quite loud at this time... As Tivoli is transitioning out of Christmas.... Also, some of the staff can come off a little rhymes with knobby...

Regardless, this hotel is first class and I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Oh, and the little treats here and there are delicious!
Review by yourfriendelsie

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Attention to detail
You immediately feel welcome once you enter the cozy lobby area. After a delayed flight we arrived around 11Am and wanted to go see the nearby area a little. The team at the front desk showed us some good points and made us feel incredible comfortable. The rooms are truly in their own league - beautiful designed with attention to every little detail. As we travel a lot, a hotelroom is after all just a hotel room, but the service should be the thing that stands out, and the team here was SO extremely professional and caring and service-minded for our whole stay. Specially a big thanks to Simon and Maria and the kind girls at breakfast. Highly recommendable!
Review by Joro82

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Just not good enough....
We usually love Nimb but not this time. My husband made the reservation in June (and specifically asked for a suite in the new part of the hotel), the hotel confirmed the room in the new part of the hotel, but when we arrived (in Dec) they did not have any available. Instead we got an upgraded suite in the old part( but on the 1st floor- so we had to have the curtains down on the evenings to get some privacy. The sink was also broken in the bathroom. And this is just not acceptable for a 5 star hotel. We had made dinner reservations at the Nimb restaurant, and during the meal we had 4 waiters taking (not very good) care of us. The only one that showed some professionalism was the Butler, he was taking good care of us. We did also see one of the older waiters grabbing one of his colleagues butt (not by mistake), and that is just NOT okay. This restaurant need to fix their employee issues, immediately. We therefore went up to the bar to get a drink, on arrival half empty bar. We found a nice area by the fireplace and was immediately told that we could not sit there since it was room for 4 around the table (still several empty tables around). My husband explained that we where there just for an evening drink and that we preferred sitting there, instead of the bar desk that he recommended and we were allowed to stay since we would live after the drink... Is this the way a 5 star hotel takes care of their guest? We sat down for 30 minutes, still not half full of guest, so we all the fuzz about where to sit? And when we wanted to live and asked for the bill we had to waiting 15 minuts, so we had to go to the bar and ask Them to register the drinks on our room. The hotel might have a 5 Star rating, but with 2 stars service is it just not good enough. So please make sure that all employees get a course on how to be around your colleagues ( grabbing a colleagues butt is NOT okay) and how to be around their guests ( the guest should be in focus: upgrade their servicemindet and friendliness level) We have had a tradition staying here in Dec and June, just to enjoy some days on hotel in our hometown, but not anymore.
Review by livet25

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Even better the second time
Our friends and us decided to spend Thanksgiving in Copenhagen this year. We were treated to a fantastic dinner thanks to Chef Rasmussen and the maitre D and the Somme. It was absolutely fantastic and they served so much food we had enough for leftovers in our room the next day.
The renovations are complete and the place is fabulous. Our suite was very well appointed with a nice balcony though in 30 degree weather it wasn’t something we could put to good use. I’m hoping we will make it a yearly tradition.
I love about this place the familiarity of the staff and how kind and warm everyone was many of whom remembered us form last year.
Also, I went to the wellness center and had a great massage and also took advantage of the very spacious (especially for a hotel) fitness center.
Review by Kenneth Pages

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

Fully Pampered
We had a fabulous 4 night stay at the Nimb Hotel. Everything about our stay was wonderful: the rooms, 5-star food, access to Tivoli Gardens, across the street from the train station, walking distance everywhere. The staff, however, made it truly special. They were helpful in every way, always available to accommodate us and offer treats and suggestions. They made arrangements and lit a beautiful fire in our room's fireplace. A REAL stress free vacation!
Review by mundomama

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jewel in mid Copenhagen
what a amazing hotel, its like full package, just steps from the Copenhagen central station, attached to a them park for you and your kids and walking distance from major attractive in the city it cant be better. and a lot restaurant and cafes attached to the hotel so if you have lazy day you wont walk far.

they were very kind to upgrade my room to room with balcony, comfy bed, big bathroom with tube and a lot of products which you can buy later if you like it ( its my 1st time that i find face mask with bathroom utilities kit in hotel ever)
Review by Tripper-uae

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

The closest you come to your own little townhouse in the middle of Copenhagen - with Tivoli Gardens as your front garden. Welcomed like a family member, where all your wishes are accommodated without questions. The team at the hotel makes you feel welcome in a very Danish, Down-to-Earth Way of handling all requests - even if most are already taken Care of with all the facilities within the hotel and in the hotelroom. Highly recommedable and looking very much forward to coming back
Review by Helena230665

Source: tripadvisor

This is a really cool hotel! Looking at the front of the hotel from the street, you see an unremarkable, urban, glass-encased storefront, off a busy street and you need to cross a bike lane to get into the main entrance. But if you go through the reception area, past the lounge and through the back door, you find you have gained entrance to the Tivoli gardens, a beautiful place where there is no hint of the bustling city. The Tivoli Park has wonderfully landscaped gardens, numerous restaurants and several carnival rides. The Nimb itself looks totally different from inside the park, it has transformed itself into a mini Taj Mahal that fits in the park and is particularly stunning at night. And the best is that as a Nimb guest, you can access and exit the park with your room key.

All the rooms face the gardens and not the street. We found the hotel to be very clean and well kept. This is not a big hotel but there is a good spa and small gym in the basement. The lounge and restaurants are pricey but the food is above par and the service is excellent. I would recommend that you give this hotel some serious consideration
Review by RamblingJimbo

Source: tripadvisor

The hotel feels like a modern fantasy. From the perfect location in historic Tivoli gardens to the kind and incredible staff who you can tell genuinely cares about your experience, this property exceeded my expectations. I booked for a couple of days before Christmas on my way to Sweden and while I booked another hotel for my return trip, I quickly made a new reservation at the Nimb because I could not imagine staying anywhere else in the city.

What the hotel does right:

An incredible concierge staff that does not just search websites, but has the knowledge and connection to truly be the key to opening the city for you.

The rooms. Danes invented "Hygge" or a sumptuous, enveloping coziness, and it is evident in everything in the rooms from the bedding, large soaking tubs, rooms with fireplaces and relaxing lighting. After a day in the city, I really looked forward to coming back to my room.

A great bar. Hotel bars can be pretty standard but the Nimb's is both luxuriously elegant and cozy at the same time. The cocktails are inspired by Hans Cristian Anderson fairytales, each presented in their own theatrical way which adds the magic.

The breakfast. I am normally someone who skips breakfast, but the buffet with real danish pastries, fresh in house baked breads and dishes made to oder which are included and served on Royal Copenhagen china is not to be missed
Review by austim

Source: tripadvisor

Had an amazing stay here last week. Beautiful hotel. Very helpful concierge Thomas I think who even gave us his number in case we got lost with the directions on the metro. Food gorgeous and views from our balcony of Tivoli gardens were just stunning. Will be visiting again when gardens are open. Beautiful.
Review by Julie Price

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Had an absolutely amazing experience at Nimb! The hotel is super nice, and having a view directly into Tivoli adds a lot to the magic of the experience. But the absolute star is the staff! Everyone we spoke to was super nice, happy, and incredibly service minded.
I highly recommend starting here.
Review by Anders Brodersen

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We uses this hotel for our guest to the company, we do that since we can be well assured focus has been on all details. On top of that the hotel has outstanding service. Friendly, efficient, hospitable and knowledgeable staff, world class bar, and last but not least, you can have private business dinner.
Review by Termic

Source: www.booking.com

Exceptional hotel with outstanding service and superior attention to detail. The entire experience was velvet smooth from check in to check out. Friendly, efficient, hospitable and knowledgeable staff brimming with recommendations for the visiting tourist. Bar staff is world class. Facilities clean, modern, spacious and luxurious. Kevin, Aurelio, Mario, Magnus and Frederik were excellent. Keep up the great work.
Review by Ariel Wolfe

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For Tivoli fans, Nimb’s location is unbeatable: it sits on the western side of the gardens, an instantly recognisable landmark with its Moorish-style arches, minarets and domes. Even if you never visit the park (closed for three months of the year), the location is still excellent, with the Central Station across the road, and key nightlife and shopping areas only 10 minutes’ walk away.

Nimb Hotel offers 38 unique and individually decorated rooms from 23 - 240m². They are all designed with attention to the smallest detail to make you as a guest feel at home. Antiques, linen from Geismar, B&O BeoVision TV, B&O sound system and BeoCom 5 telephone. All the rooms have large bathrooms with luxury bath products as an additional part of the experience. The pictures on the wall are also worth studying, all are handpicked for each room and thoughtfully placed. The rooms, except one, overlook the charming Tivoli Gardens.

Food & Drink
In the basement is a cosy wine bar, Vinothek, while upstairs the former ballroom, with its original chandeliers and huge fireplace, is now an impressive cocktail bar and afternoon tea spot. In Nimb Brasserie you can have drinks and French dishes with a view of Tivoli, while Fru Nimb serves classic open sandwiches, and Bar’n’Grill is all about steaks and seafood. There’s also Cakenhagen for cakes and champagne and Gemyse, in the heart of Tivoli, which showcases imaginative vegetarian dishes. At breakfast there’s a buffet of cold dishes (meats, cheeses, pastries, etc) with other options, from omelettes to oysters, prepared to order.


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