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Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels (Apart Hotel Brussels)

/ Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels (Apart Hotel Brussels)
Citadines Sainte-Catherine Brussels (Apart Hotel Brussels)


Country: Belgium

City: Brussel

Address: Quai au Bois à Brûler 51, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone number: +3222211411


The hotel is located in the heart of Brussels. A 5-min walk to Grand Place (city center). A lot of restaurants, cafes and shops around. Studios are clean and spacious.
Metro station is 1-min away. Staff are friendly and welcoming!
Thank you for the amazing stay and the “free” coffee!
Review by Ahmed Elshamy

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

This hotel is decently priced for the value. We got a studio which was incredibly small and I wish it would have just been a regular hotel room instead of trying to cram in a small kitchenette as well. Bed was very stiff and we needed extra pillows to survive the evening. We got a garden view room, but the garden was just a bunch of rocks. Breakfast was incredibly overpriced, go elsewhere. Overall, the hotel served it's purpose but wasn't anything special.
Review by Heather Yates

Source: www.booking.com

Nice rooms and an amazing location just a 5 minute walk from the heart of Brussels! Lots of beautiful streets around with a lot of shops and eating joints and the St. Catherine Church close by! Staff is good and prompt although my only criticism is that the apartments are a bit too small... but apart from that, it is a perfect place to stay for a short period of time!
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Very nice hotel in general. Had a small problem with booking when we arrived where there was apparently a plumbing problem so our booked apartment was unavailable so our group was separated into 2 double rooms. Wouldn't have minded if they had given us a call first but there was nothing and no compensation at all!
Review by Diddy Crid

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