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Hotel Sternen

Hotel Sternen


Country: Switzerland

City: Bern

Address: Schwarzenburgstrasse 279, 3098 Koeniz, Switzerland

Phone number: +41319781414


Great place to stay! Excellent staff and service! Bernardino provided excellent professional service!!
Great price too! I highly recommend the Banana split which I call the "Titanic"
Great cheat dessert for me after 5 months of Spartan training! Thankyou all!
Review by Andy Pako

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

A ghost hotel at exorbitant price. No staff to greet us, we had to type a code to retrieve the key from a box next to the front door. The room was clean, only good thing about this stay. On the other hand the breakfast at the price of 18 .- / pers in addition to 155.- of the room was more than shabby. We had to implore the only person in the hotel to get even an egg! Worse, impossible to communicate in French, only in German Switzerland. I was made to understand that there was no more egg cup to eat my egg without trying to find a solution. It is the customers of the table next door who kindly gave me theirs ... The pseudo buffet was almost empty, even more bread available! At this price we would have done better to have breakfast in a nearby restaurant. When you pay in cash, you make me wait 10 minutes to finally return the currency on 9.- as a "pile" of coins ... I gave the front desk / waitress a piece of 1.- To make me a ticket of 10.-, I was repacked to finally have to leave with my wallet full of coins.
Review by Anonymous person

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Everything was great! At the end we take a slumber drink! The restaurant was open until 10:30 pm? ! When we announced that we would like to have a drink, we were unfriendly pointed out that then from 22 30 closed. We just found something strange.
Review by Eliane Komorowski

Source: www.booking.com

Very elegant country inn. Herrvoragendes food in generous portions. Very friendly service. The rooms are as elegant as a castle, yet cozy. Central location in Köniz, easily accessible by public transport Bus No 10/17 Sbahn No 6. Parking behind the house. The ideal place for festive celebrations of all kinds. Gladly again and again.
Review by Matthias Schelker

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


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