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Breitner House

Breitner House


Country: Nederland

City: Amsterdam

Address: Oosterpark 87-88, 1092 AW Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Phone number: +31204636459, 0031204636450


Breitner House is where luxury and feeling at home interw...
Breitner House is where luxury and feeling at home interw...
Beautiful champagne brunch at the #BreitnerHouse!! What a...
Beautiful champagne brunch at the #BreitnerHouse!! What a...
If you ever visit Amsterdam, stay in Breitner House
If you ever visit Amsterdam, stay in Breitner House
I have never stayed anywhere as amazing as this place, I’...
I have never stayed anywhere as amazing as this place, I’...
For over 100 years, painters and writers have walked the ...
For over 100 years, painters and writers have walked the ...
Amazing place to stay
Amazing place to stay
beyond description
beyond description
The Best B&B in Amsterdam "Breitner House"
The Best B&B in Amsterdam "Breitner House"


Beautiful heaven to stay in Amsterdam
We spent 2 + 2 nights in Breitner House, in the middle we went one night staying in Giethoorn. So luckily we have chance to try 2 suites, both of them are stunning!

The best experience started from before I arrived, since originally there was no availability of the 2nd night (means we have to stay here 1 + 2) and make 2 nights in Giethoorn, I mailed the house owner, Ms. Camilla, said shall there be any cancellation pls let me know.

And she did! She called me internationally and also proposed to try 2 suites, thanks a lot for her attention.

Well rooms I don’t need to say more, you may refer to the pics. And I wanna to say Camilla is such a wonderful host, every morning prepares wonderful spotless breakfast to us, it’s amazing and beautiful as well as yummy. We enjoy all short talk with her always.

The house is no need to say, very spacious and clean, as well as the bathroom(s).

Camilla also introduces us a private canal tour with Marius, who is super friendly and knowledgeable with the city, we love our almost 4- hour tour with him.

I highly recommend Breitner House, and I will be back next time if I’m in town. Stay here! you’re in the heaven of flowers, arts, loves and taste
Review by Lynette0708

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

"To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. Be whole in everything. Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. So, in each lake the moon shines with splendour Because it blooms up above" - Fernando Pessoa
And this is what you can find in this beautiful place build up with love and by love. Form the moment you enter in this beautiful and romantic place you feel like everything is made for you with love and attention. Each detailed is for you and to make you feel special. if you are looking for "the special" place, this is where you need to be!
Ligia and Peter Koijen
Review by ligiaramosr

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

I had the pleasure of staying at the Breitner House earlier this week. This is my second stay with Camilla in the last four years, and, as I anticipated, this stay was just as fabulous as our stay in 2014. Camilla makes sure that your stay is warm and inviting, and provides every service she can to ensure just that. The room is spacious and clean, the breakfast fantastic, the company and conversations even better. We consider Camilla a friend, and plan to stay with her again in the future.
Review by erdoctor35

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

We had the pleasure of staying here in May to celebrate a special occasion. It was my gift to my fiancé. Weeks after being home, he is still talking about it, and I'm sure that will be the case for many years to come. Upon arrival back home, I asked him what his favorite part of our vacation was, and he said "Camilla!". Camilla is such a lovely hostess. She is full of charm and warmth, and goes out of her way to make everyone feel special and welcome. We were fortunate to enjoy an extended stay at Breitner House, and every day we were amazed at the elegance and luxury of it all. The breakfast room is gorgeous, and Camilla goes to extra effort to make sure her guests have everything they could want, with incredible fresh creations that are made by her and different every day. We dined like royalty every morning, to the extend that we weren't even hungry until the evening, nor could we ever find a restaurant that could top the opulent breakfast we had.
We stayed in the Isaac Israels suite, which is on the bottom floor from the breakfast room, kitche and George Breitner suite. It has the benefit of a lovely private garden right off the bedroom area, as well as two other components to the room aside from the bed area that are very interesting and full of beautiful antiques and paintings. The benefit of the other suite on the main floor would be the large bathroom with bathtub instead of a garden area (note that this room would require getting luggage up the stairs - which isn't a problem if you are getting there by luxury cab service, which Camilla can arrange for you upon request). I should also mention that the bed we slept in was the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on in Europe, and we have stayed at some nice places.
The location of this B&B is great, as it is away from the hectic city centre, and right across from the park. There are good restaurants nearby (we liked De Beirtun), as well as a smoke shop (for those that 'partake') and a small convenience store that sells tram tickets. Grocery stores are within walking distance. The tram goes right by, and Camilla is very helpful at informing guests which trams to take to get where they want to go.
Staying here is an incredible experience that you won't forget. We will always cherish our memories of Breitner House and Camilla. Hope to make it back
Review by Littlebear0023

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

Classy ,chic ,sophistication on a grander scale
This had to be one of life’s precious experiences to date. From the moment we arrived we entered an oasis of calm and grandeur. Camilla the host loves meeting people and gives her time so generously. It was a marvel to check out the artworks and the numerous antiquities the house has to offer. The breakfast has to be experienced and enjoy the aromas of fine foods,candles and freshly scented blooms. Camilla showed us the other suite too( the nosiness got the better of me)and whatever one you choose brings sheer indulgence, sophistication and living it up in the highest form. Thanks for an amazing two night experience Camilla. We will be back ,Ann and Ruud
Review by Venture241670

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

Luxury and Ambience unmatched
We had a truly wonderful stay. We were greeted by our host Camilla with a glass of champagne and a smile. We chose the first floor suite. It consisted of three luxuriously decorated rooms; A bedroom dining room and living room. The brunch is fit for royalty. A room full of flowers and several courses of food served until noon. Fruit, meats, cheeses,quiche,champagne... on and on... anything you want. The best part of the stay is the host Camilla. Knowledge of cafes, sightseeing etc. We became friends over the stay. There is a beautiful park right in front of this prestigious townhome. We are eager to return. Many thanks to Camilla for an unforgettable stay! Treat yourself!!!!
Review by W S

Source: www.tripadvisor.ru

We cannot recommend Breitner House highly enough! From the minute we checked in to be greeting warmly by magnificent host, Camilla, to sadly leaving 2 days’ later, we felt truly privileged to have spent quality time in this beautiful romantic and historic home. The building and plush decor and furnishings are from a bygone era. We stayed in the breathtaking Breitner Suite. The champagne breakfasts set you up for the day and are amongst the best we’ve ever had anywhere in the world. Thanks so much Camilla! We will be back and would like to try the Israels suite next time
Review by Davsam

Source: tripadvisor

Breitner House - это уникальный, теплый и роскошный отдых. В этом бутик-отеле всего два независимых красиво оформленных люкса, что сейчас является несомненным преимуществом. Обстановка такая, как если бы вы жили в художественной галерее с тщательно подобранными произведениями искусства, мебелью и прекрасными предметами искусства. К увлекательной обстановке добавляются бесплатные кофе, вина, конфеты и фрукты, благодаря которым ваш визит будет похож на посещение частного красивого загородного дома. Тепло хостинга также дает ощущение комфорта.
Вы можете быть настолько приватным или общительным, насколько хотите, и любой вопрос или потребность были очень хорошо обработаны. И завтраки на уровне гурманов. Камилла предлагает широкий выбор мясного ассорти, сыров, джемов, чатни, свежих фруктов и соков, йогуртов, соусов, выпечки и хлеба очень высокого качества. Кроме того, теплые закуски бывают разными, и все они были восхитительны. Я не знаю, как она это делает. Игристое вино, предлагаемое к завтраку, только усиливает и без того особые впечатления. Кофе был превосходным, а мой муж очень понравился латте / эспрессо. Фактически, после завтрака я был готов расслабиться в спа - как ванная в нашем номере.
Мы путешествовали с дочерью, поэтому у нас были оба люкса. Честно говоря, мне было нелегко выбрать нашу. У нее была хорошо продуманная ванная комната с душем, а камин в ее комнате сделал наш зимний визит очень уютным. Они оба большие и хорошо освещенные, с зонами отдыха, и она даже не использовала гостиную, примыкающую к своей гостиной. У нас была большая гостиная с диваном, в который можно было погрузиться, а также еще одна красивая ванная комната из керамической плитки с душем и отдельной ванной с подогреваемым полом. Было так удобно возвращаться в дом после долгих дней прогулок, осмотра достопримечательностей и поездок по Амстердаму, иногда под дождем. Любой люкс - отличный выбор.
Для нас большая честь посетить Дом Брайтнера, и хотя мы останавливались в удивительных бутик-отелях, лучших рёканах Киото и крупных отелях, для всех нас это был незабываемый опыт
Review by Judith K

Source: tripadvisor

Many of us travel in order to have unique experiences. So skip the big hotels and book a stay at the Breitner House. It is a place you will not forget. It is the vision and dream of Camilla and she will bring you right into that dream. We are vegan and she was completely accommodating with festive dynamic breakfasts every morning. Since there are only two rooms in the B&B she is able to take care of you very well.
Review by worldvegans

Source: tripadvisor

Amazing. Unique luxury experience in an excellent location away from the busy city centre. Building is of historical importance and has been renovated and decorated with utmost care. Two magical suites, a very romantic experience, for adults only. Hosted by a true bohemian, thank you Camilla for a wonderful stay, and an extravagant breakfast! Highly recommended in Amsterdam.
Review by Adam Wells

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

We were treated like royalty at the Breitner House for our 3 day stay in Amsterdam. The house, built in the 1800's was like a museum of artwork and antiques all customized by the owners, Guido and Camilla. Our breakfast in the mornings, prepared by Guido, was presented as if we were dining in a palace, each item more delicious than the next. Every dish was made to look like a piece of art. Our exceptional hosts, Guido and Camilla were more generous and gracious than anyone you could possibly imagine! It was beyond amazing!!
For an experience of a lifetime, book a stay at the Breitner House!
Review by Kathleen Snyder

Source: www.google.ru/maps/

Stunning place, but most of all, amazing Guido and Camilla. The experience of a lifetime. Just let them pamper you and guide you through the adventures they lived around the World. They are truly spectacular hosts. If we did not live  1000km away, this would be a place to visit at least once a month to escape boredom and find some magic.
Review by Anonymous person

Source: www.booking.com

Built in 1882, this opulent guesthouse overlooking Oosterpark is a minute's walk from the nearest tram stop, 2.9 km from the Canals of Amsterdam and 3 km from Van Gogh Museum.
The 2 individually decorated and luxurious suites feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and Nespresso machines, as well as en suite bathrooms. Distinctive individual touches include a canopy bed, artwork, chandeliers and ornate furnishings.
Free breakfast is offered in the elegant dining room with park views and a grand piano.
Review by Sajjad Zahid

Source: www.tripadvisor.com


In walking distance from the city center you will find the Breitner House which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Amsterdam where nature, science, history and culture converge. The Breitner House has a view on the beautiful Oosterpark. In this cultural oasis you will find a surprising number of interesting sites per square meter. The Hermitage, The Tropical Museum, the Rembrandt House, the Hortus Botanicus and the nineteenth century Artis Zoo. Jewish history is abundant in many places in The Plantage, with the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Moses Aaron Church. This city center’s back garden is also known for its wide variety of shops, famous theatres, trendy waterside cafes and top restaurants. Breitner House is ideally situated in this cultural garden of Amsterdam.

The Breitner House offers its guests two luxurious suites, transforming the old ateliers of many painters into a peaceful haven of refined elegance. Both suites are stylishly decorated with accents of silk, velour and brocade fabrics. The authentic, ornamented ceilings in combination with Italian chandeliers and canopies provide you with a royal peace and comfort to optimize your stay in Amsterdam each suite becomes a private gallery, “Yours” for a few days.

Food & drink
The daily champagne breakfast – in the period dining room, overlooking the park – is a theatrical tour de force, with not only the usual pastries, confectionary, croissants and crusty breads, but all manner of delicacies (smoked salmon bombe, perhaps, a perfectly poached egg, or maybe even a little caviar), personally prepared and exquisitely presented amidst mounds of fruit and flowers. It keeps some guest going till way after midday


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